Dream Phone – HTC Touch HD

My phone craze was a long forgotten one. Since the day I got my Treo, a four years back, there was nothing on the market to beat it. I lived happily ever after. This is partly to the fact that Palm never did upgrade the famous Treo range even if I were to consider an upgrade.

This notion was slightly challenged last year when Apple released the hyped iPhone. I was tempted. Then again it was a tightly closed system unlike Palm OS so I never really came to like the idea, since I can’t tinker it the way I do with Treo. Even with the Apple App Store out it is still just a hype for me. But I may soon change my mind since Jailbraking of iPhone is now on full swing.

Then Palm came up with Treo Pro. It seems Palm is few years later to the gamble but still HTC made Treo Pro is a one marvelous device, famous full QWERTY Treo keybord with iPhone style. But there is one major glitch, that does’t run my famous Palm OS or now the Mac OS X on iPhone but MS Windows Mobile. The bottom line is I don’t need a palm which runs other than Palm OS.

So the problem persists, if I want to upgrade my phone and it has to be Win Mobile, then here comes the beauty I want. New HTC Touch HD. Showen above next to iPhone, it has double the resolution (800X480) to the given same iPhone size. It is the first and the best screen a mobile phone has seen it. Being a graphics guy whopping 480X800 pixel LCD is a music to my eyes. Reviews seems all ok so far except the Windows Mobile 6.1. So when it hits the road next November 2008, I am sure it will be a dream device I would really want to have.

Still with this down-turn that kind of money for a phone seems a little over kill right now:-(