Pushing the impossible when failure is not an option!

These times are eventful. Corporate shakes are everywhere.

From the company I work for, Egypt as a country to HP-Palm to once rival Nokia – Microsoft handshake is intriguing stuff. I’ve been thinking this for a while since I was also going through some rough times, again.

I kinda like the new Microkia merger (or whatever you call it) because it reminds me the MS-DOS, IBM sega at one time which ended up with PC centric world.  Luckily Apple did survived for guys like me to have continuous fun. Even in 2006 no one believed Macs are more human and hassle free (think of viruses) this is after Apple had been running Mac OS X for nearly six years! Likewise I hope these new trends will define the tech landscape for the years to come and create more win-win atmosphere for everyone in the business. Unlike MS created an IBM cloned world, now Apple runs, Google dominated, RIM and Nokia world. All will have formidable counter competition that everyone’s luck will be hard pushed.

The movie “Jurassic Park” says some of this history’s worst things were done with best intentions. So some of these bold attempts may go fruitless without a sound plan, proper execution and support, unfortunately a reason sometimes now I can be reason with when I think of even my company’s perspective.

When corporations battered difficult times and came out, it is always the companies who learn from the past come out sound. Mine were also like that. When this cycles happen again and again, if the management get the illusion of security that things will itself work out “like” any “other” times and attempt to push the envelope further may seem almost committing suicide. These corporate stirs which exactly created the situation called “The Air Sandwich” where it actually hinders even a sound company’s bread and butter operations into a drag.

Corporate Shakeup
When employees had butterflies in the stomach to go for what the management outlines, you see these some of these bold moves collapse,


The top exec’s strategy doesn’t jive with what employees know to be true, questions stream continuously through people’s minds as internal dialogue:

“Is it just me, or is there a fatal flaw in this strategy?”…“Am I sup- posed to say something?”…“Will I get in trouble if I say some- thing?”…“Will I get in trouble if I don’t say something?”…“If I talk about my concerns, will I be perceived as a troublemaker?”…“If I can’t see how I can make this happen, will I be told I’m being too tactical?”…“Will I have to pay a price somewhere down the line if I look like I’m not on board with this plan?”

Questions such as “Should I say something?” or “Do they care about my opinion?” are whispered between coworkers when the organization lacks the tools for involving people and supporting collaboration in the strategy creation.


These kinds of unasked questions are a sure sign that a strategy is headed down the path toward failure, because they signal that the strategy wasn’t created properly or vetted deeply enough in the organization to be executed well.

Source:  “The New How” comes from the author Nilofer Merchant. Above is may be the best case study I was looking for. Excellent reading.

On the mobiles, with new developments we will see the rising starts out of this rubble, I wonder how many mobile platforms can survive at the end of the day. Android was a fun product for Google when all it meant was bleeding Microsoft.  But it eventually made Apple into an enemy, and now Nokia.  Android seems unintended bonus and free wheeling for cheap Chinese manufactures to compete with the industry’s top brass. Google made an enemy that even Google itself will blindly get caught in the ripple effect. Google may have increased the display space so waste at the expense of others dime. But time only will say how that industry shake up turns in to sound business.