The victory, war and obsession, we shouldn’t miss the point again…

This is one of Sri Lanka’s history’s best turn-around.

Decision are made, battles are fought and now the sweet victory sweeping all across the country. There is no doubt we should celibate this.

I refrain from commenting on war, because it’s been mostly showcase as a politicized standpoint, but this time the “War On Terror” is bound with an exceptionally extra-ordinary courage and country’s outshining heroism at peak. So I forget the political mambo-jumbo of liberating Sri Lanka from LTTE terrorists.

It’s a sheer mammoth achievement of our own war heroes, a near impossible victory over just a 3 years ago standpoint of a 30 year long insurgency.

This brings up the new hope for many things lie stagnant across Sri Lanka’s future. One history is written, the other has to be begin with, right now!

As I write this, the last bastion of LTTE stronghold, Mullativu has fallen. The western media often referred as the most ruthless terrorist outfit, who invented the suicide bombing tactics, LTTE terrorists have now been literally defeated by SL Army.

This brings Sri Lanka back in to the times of pre 1983 where Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim we all lived in a one country in harmony.

For some of our unwise political leadership, many people paid price out of their lives, hands, limbs and eyes while some got their “pockets” swelled by NGOs’ and Peace Broker money who flourished where insurgency rules, they¬† asks our government to hold “peace talks” while helping LTTE to stiffen their loose-ends. But we are yet to see a single development carried out by these NGOs in the war-torn region in the sake of innocent people, after a whopping 25 years! Where are all those millions of Tsunami aid funds gone to Killinochchi? Evidence show all their money and aid have gone into building LTTE bankers and feed their blood thirsty mouths. Not a single road, bridge or housing scheme was build by any of these 40 odd, so called NGOs worked there so long.

Money laundering, lack of political will and the guts to take on the terrorists crippled the Sri Lankan economy and livelihood for more than 25 years, making LTTE is one the most hyped cardboard terrorists outfits, now defeated by heroic Sri Lankan Army.

So regardless the politics, the credits should go where it’s due rightfully. And I take this moment to hail the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, his brother Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse and the Commander-In-Chief Sarath Fonseka and the heroes who fought in the battle-flied, in and out.

Politically and strategically taking a strong stand which was the turning point of this “War On Terror”, which was never been the case until Mahinda came along.

As my distant memory hold truth to me,

  • President JR signed the Indo – Sri Lanka Agreement and avoided this terrorists issue altogether while he could have sweeped across the entire issue.
  • President Premadasa had vision for the country but anyway killed by the LTTE ultimately
  • President Chandrika was also almost died by a LTTE bomb, She’s never seen as a visionary leader either.
  • Mr Ranil officially gave away some parts of Sri Lanka to terrorists and was never seen as a patriotic man to the common man.
  • Then western-backed LTTE propaganda made it almost certain untruth been told and stays just as the sole truth. Sri Lanka never counter attack the false propaganda until Keheliya Ramukwella started as the defense spokseman and tells the Sri Lankan Official Stand of the story.

So it was seen, a strong political will was the lacking part to defeat the terrorism. 9/11 helped Sri Lanka to open the western eyes to the sheer issue of the problem. The Bush popularised “War On Terror” was an inevitable answer to LTTE.¬† And luckily just in time we’ve got a strong political leadership so this “War On Terror” can be won in the other side of the world, for the first time in world’s recent history!

Hence I say, the victory, the obsession, all fine. And we all should celibate it!

Anyway we shouldn’t loose the point again that what made possible this insurgency to erupt at the first place that erode Sri Lankan Sovereignty. We have to prevent what happened from happening again. I hope the current leaders have the will and the blessings to make that possible and concentrate on country’s development now the war is won.

So development…development…development…development…

We were more than a sound economy when the British left us in 1948, more than where the rest of the Asia was. Now Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India all gone bypassing us.

Mahinda Rajapakse has just wrote one history already. Now we need another Mahinda to make this transition a full-circle.

Ranil hardly seem to fit the bill, he says he wants to make Sri Lanaka a Singapore, then suddenly change the topic to the King Parakrama Bahu the Great. I guess we need a mix of both worlds. So I fear the war is won, Sri Lanka may loose again in the economic slum for our famous political “neigh” sayers.

So who will fit the bill to be Lee Kuan Yew, the next?

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