Your future desktop, Web 3.0 already ?

Yesterday I woke up to a surprise, a surprise I never even believed that it could happen “so fast”. Saying “overnight” even seems literary an overstatement! I always lurk on the web circles but there was not a clue about what’s going to happen. Bingo, here it is!

Google unveiled it’s take on web 3.0 as it seems now introducing the Google Chrome Browser. Re-igniting the famous Browser War, part III is now showing on the desktop near you! There were some hints in the past that Google may be developing a browser, but having seen the heart they have for Mozilla Firefox folks, the idea never took off. Nonetheless as we know it now, Google’s foray in to the Browser War had been under wraps for over two years.

If we forget the direct threat Google Chrome puts on Microsoft’s IE, I guess even the Firefox and other browser guys may feel the pinch much too overwhelming right now. This can be the cold start of dethroning the Microsoft Windows Operating System dominance of the desktop, giving way to now forgotten Sun Microsystems’ Thin Client like concept. The web itself can become the “only” window you ever need for all your computing needs, hence the name Chrome they have given it. The old newsgroup text based web has grown up to a point that developers can no longer push its envelope without rethinking afresh.

The day before yesterday I was happily using Firefox 3 it was as though I was having the best web at my disposal. All these web I scroll, Gmail like web applications I use, the content I consumed on the web. All took a whopping 180° turn in one night. The splash I spilled my milk on keyboard over this “web shock” even isn’t dry yet. I’m wowed by the sheer number of nightmare problems Google Chrome just offered to solve that I hardly knew even existed as a web developer user, overnight, in one shot.

It may lack all the bells & whistle of Firefox 3 to replace it as my primary browser yet. But I guess its almost there and everyone feels the stakes here. Mainly I miss my Firefox Bookmarks Panel and few good extensions that I can’t live without like AdBlock.

Nonetheless, we were nowhere near at the completion of Web 2.0 experience yet, which brought us all the wonderful Zoho, Gmail, Flickr, Facebook to the stage. But suddenly now I’m sure that we gonna skip all that already slow so called asynchronous web 2.0 (Ajax) and “Jump Start” to the Web 3.0, the future and beyond.

Thanks Google for taking me there in overnight!

I am still grasping the scope of this. The sooner I clean up my head over this sudden splash. I may follow up with a post on “Why I think that Google jump started the future of web with this announcement.

Meanwhile I wish all my friends a “speedier browsing” experience with Google Chrome.