It may seem common place now but back then NO-ONE could have imagined the perfect mobile device. Everyone was kept trying and trying and trying.

This is historical. Long long ago I saw this future was coming when I first used my beloved SONY CLIE SJ-33, a test of the future to come, way back in 2002. The difference was instead of SONY, Palm, Microsoft, Nokia, PSION or Compaq iPaq pulling it. Apple, the most unlikely dismal survivor niche computer company of the 80’s did pull all the strings, all at once, so perfect, so untimely, so surprisingly.

The perfection Apple did execute the iPhone Master Plan did send shivers through the industry. With all due respect, if you respect survival of this game it is impossible not to be an Apple fan or “Cult of Apple” and be wowed at. Rising-up from the ashes out of their golden resurrection and dooms-day misery. Even the industry “pundit’s” could not ever have envisioned what I dreamed of having in my palm up until Steve Jobs & Co created the future. We just have to sit and indulge the fun!

Apple is a company which has the most remarkable come back story of any corporation in history. It’s Mac OS X based iOS is the most competent, well-thought, bleeding-edge, boldest computer (mobile) platform effort the world have ever seen. Being in the software industry I know the drill, seeing the history, living the software game, knowing the cards at stack to pull something this remarkable.  Most would argue this, but the facts remain facts and if one could credit where it is due without being on camps, Without Apple or its ingenious Co-Founder  Steve Jobs factor, the world’s technology landscape would have never written in this way. Period.

I respect it, no other tech company in history managed to do so with such a magnificent feast. Apple iPhone was the unexplainable dream device I always envisioned of having. The full internet in my pocket, everywhere I go. Since I do believe the internet is the best thing that has even happened to the knowledge of the mankind. The device Nirvana which was destined to re-defined the future of the all the business in the world. Call it the mobile revolution or whatever. It was all originated with pundits dismissed, 3G lacked, button less boring fragile glass slab of the Original iPhone in 2007.

The rest is a golden-written-history!

Starting from a SONY Walkman, SONY CLIE, Apple iPod and then Palm Treo 650, The first PDA Smartphones combined usable gadget. Ever since the gadget love have been a deep rabbit hole for me. So much fun and excitement, just using and playing with ten zillion gadgets came there after. Later which I could not explore or engulf enough when as fast as Apple or it’s follow up Google could breed their new marvel magic. And now it goes even deeper beyond anyone would have imagined making everyone copy the famous Apple iPhone phenomenon and success.

The undisputed game changer that even I myself could pursue as a profession now. It give me the extra strength for My Little Sanu’s future and beyond. Apple makes “almost” everyone happy and let others make a living out of their very core business strategy.

The difference is, industry apart, when everyone blame the walled-garden Apple gives them a sound  business plan with a good will. So this is one of the very outcomes of my obsession, the deep rabbit hole I got in have paid me my dividends!

IPHONION LANKA – Beyond Mobiles!

ARPICO SUPER CENTER – Hyde Park Corner | Nawinna
For more details you can visit: www.iphonionlanka.com

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