dm old web

A decade rolls back-to-back 1998~2005

This was where it all started. While some dreams still remain at large, it is an on going process, my career took 180º degree turn from mass-media-creative-advertising job to become a web junkie.

The process made me a web developer, UI/ UX (User Interface/ Experience) guy, strategy analyst, business consultant and adviser in mobile with the advent of the web and then the mobile revolution.

It’s has been a wild-wild-ride, a fun filled journey.

Personal website keeping was a thing of the past where blogs, Facebook, Twitter now have taken its place. So I no longer maintain my once beloved http://www.dreamsmademe.com portal where I learned the ABC of the net ecosystem. Where it all kick started with the 1998-2000 dot com bubble and hobble.

This is a beloved remembrance of a gone era which I will always cherish.