Can Chrome Frame erode IE within?

In some interesting terns from yesterday, Google is stepping in to Google’s most bold foray into Microsoft terrain, more than search, email Exchange, docs, sync and products.


If left unchecked, Google is going to take Microsoft and “frame” it within Google Chrome, Services and beyond.

Some interesting reading on this can be found bellow
1. Chrome Frame erodes IE within
2. Will Microsoft stop Google from framing IE


A feat unmatched! Sri Lanka is the best case study.

No congratulatory messages from world leaders – No applause for Sri Lanka’s military – No mention for the world’s biggest humanitarian rescue operation by the armed forces that rescued almost 250,000 Tamil civilians from LTTE clutches – No plaudits for the Only Nation to have crushed the world’s worst Terrorist movement…. Did we not say that barring a few friendly nations, world leaders remained hostile towards Sri Lanka preferring instead to play fiddle to the LTTE’s “liberation” “discrimination” “genocide” tune. Sri Lanka has proved the world and these world leaders wrong and as the nation continues to celebrate.

The above is nice reading from Shenali Waduge
A good analysis of SL approach and where western have failed form Prof. Rohan Gunaratna.

The west, They don’t acknowledge we were in the same boat, But Sri lanka effectively has succeeded where the US and allies have failed miserably to eradicate terrorism. Nonetheless facts remain facts and soon those western secret services will start studying our case 🙂

Devils den has fallen. Kilinochchi Voctory!

Hail Sri Lanka!

There is no need to explain what the terrorists are after 9/11. Prior to that Sri Lanka had a daunting task telling the western world that LTTE disrupts the Sri Lankan sovereignty and kills civilians.

Now the tables are turned the world is on All put War against there criminals. SL Army is too taking on what it lost over to LTTE due to those so called Norway Peace Brokers who’s sole aim was making SL divided country. Now with Killinochi has fallen from devils arms, it’s a more than a handful for victorious Sri lankan Army and the peace loving people.

Here I salute our brave Sri lankan heros!

You can follow Sri Lankan War On Terror pregress on the following links:


For the moment, competition is cornered, finished, done, over!

Apple unveiled new iPhone 3G. It was making everyone want to have one like yesterday. That’s Steve’s Apple marketing machine. News galore like no other mobile ever existed on earth before. Who’s loosing, who’s winning is too mach chaos to pick.

I love my Treo but there are reasons that everyone in the phone business should be worried, wet their pants, and get their plans sorted out how to stand a chance in this race right now.


Cos almost all iPhone competitors, For the moment, it’s over, done, finished story. When Apple’s marketing machine is on roll, everyone else is like a needle in a haystack.

No Windows for Old Men

I found this nice article over who is gonna take control of the future of computing. Microsoft leaden PC era is surely becoming irrelevant as mobile era catches on. Whosoever gonna win this battle I am sure as end consumers we’ll all gonna benefit it.

Many pundits still insist that Apple’s victories in the market can only make the company another new Microsoft, and force it to inherit the malware crisis facing Windows. This is like political commentators of the 16th century complaining that the territories that broke free from England would continue to suffer the same problems they faced under the monarchy, despite those new countries’ purposely devising new forms of government to prevent that from happening.

Extracted from RoughlyDrafted Blog: Read more here.