I saw this on the web. And there are many more rants. Well. For the record this is grossly misinformative. Someone has to set it straight.


So here we go, not knowing the history. Ignorance is a bliss.

It is been said even that Apple got it’s original idea of implementing the modern App Store (There were old Palm OS App Store like concept) having seen the underground developer community (Installer by RipDev and later as Cydia) growing in disguise after the original iPhone was released. It was soon hacked (Jailbroken) and was found to be running Unix variant of Mac OS X. So developers soon started to make unauthorized iOS tweaks, hacks and tools and distributed as Debian packages for the original iPhone before the Apple App Store era came in.

So Control/ Notification center like many modern swipe gesture app/ tweak concepts had been originally populated on (Installer/ Cydia Repo) the iPhone almost from the beginning of the iPhone revolution. Look at the history of Installer and Cydia App Repository later. This particular one is called SBSettings that is how Google got the notification center idea for Android that fandroids are always hammering as Apple copied in iOS 5. Most of these ideas were borrowed originally from the Palm OS , Symbian and Windows Mobile. And then iPhone jailbreak concepts are the original reasons for rooted Android tools, tweaks and widgets thereafter which fandroids are calling themselves as superior tweakability and unique to Android. What an irony!



Just do a Google search on SBSettings and click images. Even almost all notification center themes were there for SBSettings. The successor to the SBSettings is NCSettings later.


And the handy multitasking cards thing these fandroids are jumping on when Apple “licensed” and implemented in iOS 7 is 100% pure Web OS copy. Difference is while Android ripped it off blatantly Apple had officially licensed it from Palm Access (now HP) many years before they put it in iOS 7. And there were many similar Cydia multitasking tweaks (Backgrounder/ Zephyr/ Auxo and many more) even before Apple officially support  multitasking. Oh.. what a shame that fandroids don’t belong to the history! 😀

Palm Patents

And that is the proper ethical way of doing business if someone wants to borrow ideas, they can license it paying the anther. And Apple even sometimes officially hired these original jailbreak developers like Peter Hajas and Comex without just introducing the features later. They did it in a ethical way without just sending them out of business. Check out this few of wonderful Cydia tweaks for iOS from hundreds of others even underground tweak developers can make a living developing them for iOS.

Where Android altogether is a gross shameless copy of iOS/ Java and other technologies prior to it where Google Android head Andy Rubin was working at Apple team, even before the iPhone launch. He and then Eric Schmidt (Early Apple broad member until Steve Jobs asked him to leave when conspiracy leaked) brought many of the original iPhone ideas secretly to the Google Android project. They ripped off others ideas and implemented those concepts as Android. Where it was originally had been Windows Mobile (CE) like rip off as Danger Sidekick project. The rest of the Apple iPhone IP Samsung copied blatantly and popularized it as cheap alternative to iPhone for the none savvy eye.


Well, Copy paste is not a viable/ sound or ethical business.

And now these new found fandroids think Android is heaven send (and not a stolen product) without a history, origin or real business ethics.

In this industry everyone copies everyone. Apple copies Xerox and MS copies Apple. And many other incidents. The difference is most of these concepts are either lab or abandoned or pet or none commercially successful projects (Xerox UI) which either Apple or Microsoft commercialized later and brought in to the mass market. Where as Android is a 100% of a blatant copy of other commercially successful designs and concepts of commercially viable products. In the business ethics this is called a rip-off! And the company which does it pathetically calls others “Don’t Be Evil” while being the best at it.

Another hush.. hush… secret is that everyone does not knows is that later Apple and Microsoft cross licensed themselves and paid third parties officially if they commercially launching any of those implementations. Read the iPhone Legal License Agreement they have officially mentioned all these hired ideas from the beginning where as Google is really try to do it just after Samsung, Oracle and many other various law suites. It is known even the original iPhone name was belong to abandoned Cisco product that Steve personally called the Cisco and informed them that he will be using the name before he announced the original iPhone in 2007. And then brought the rights for an undisclosed amount before it goes commercial. (iPhone was sold a six months later the announcement)

Think of this like this, if someone imitates you one-to-one and try to be yourself to gain the benefits you own as an individual in the society, how would you feel? Pathetic, right? Its a one thing that someone copies something he likes in you and make use or fun of it, say your kindred. But its a totally different thing that someone is trying to pretend and imitate your commercial success 100% for those who are unfamiliar of this exploitation of the market. (commoditization sake).

This is darn cheap practice. I called this in Sinhala a game kade (ගමේ කඩේ) concept which is popularized in many of the rural areas (usually the road ends inside the village) when someone is opening a Grocery Store and being successful for a while with limited village society someone else also get the “smart” idea and opens his own similar grocery shop a little inside the village after the first shop. Soon both undercut each other and get bankrupt without a sufficient market or profit and people go all the way to the town shop again. So it is always the town shop which grows and grows and be successful. When one start a grocery why the other can’t start a hardware or a garage? I have seen this cycle played repeatedly in many areas in my lifetime. This is why I think Apple won the legendary Samsung case.

Nobody calls Blackberry, even Windows CE, Web SO, Palm OS, Newton, Windows Mobile, Symbian or iOS are this kind of rip offs but Android! Others truly have always co-benefited one another. But everyone who knows the history calls Android is a 100% design and concepts wise a stolen product. It reminds me the exacts words Mr Smith (The agent) utters in the Matrix saying who we human are. A plague. : -D

Agent Smith says:

Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague.

This is what Android is becoming. An Ice Cream Sundae put on a cup, bucket, basket or any container is still an Ice Cream Sundae! Period. It doesn’t really give the mobile world the vibrant differentiation it needs. This all happened before in the Windows PC era. People got lost the choice.

Google openly praying “Don’t Be Evil” moto but being evil at best ripping off Apple iOS and made money with ads on Android. It killed Microsoft Windows Embedded and web advertising business for others giving it free. It gave an easy access OS to counterfeit cheap Chinese and (Only Samsung and LG exploit it to make money) manufactures wings to compete in the heavy R&D budget viable business companies like Palm, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia to push them out of business with cheap common products. This is not natural selection. Android is profit squeezing enforced product suffocating one another.

At is killing the market choice just as Microsoft did in the 80’s as Windows commoditization. Everyone who lives in that history knows the drill very well. I have lived that generation where MS Windows and IE stagnant  for more than a decade without a single innovation, version update or choice. See now after Firefox liberated us from Internet Explorer, the sheer amount of wonderful browser choices with new innovations we got

Luckily with history old experience of Microsoft ripping off its all core ideas and values as Windows and MS Office, vision, moral  and innovation intact Steve ran Apple remained as a choice and later pulled off the iPod marvel to resurrection. Apple was the only survivor of golden PC era after Microsoft started the chain reaction industry wise-copy-paste PC business to flourish. People did really lost the choice. What drives Apple forward is their legacy in innovation. And they are the only one who can still Drop the Legacy.

This rather too much complicated for these infancy fandroids minds to understand.

I have nothing but a pity for these ignorant fandrods’ big blindfolded shameless rant. Most don’t see it yet but Android is in a self-indulge stabbing killing spree. It will eventually kill all these wonderful pre iPhone manufactures out of business. Trust me on this, Apple is not in the threatened species here. They are the only survivors of the Windows world and the surviving innovator of the PC world. They know the best that how to survive in this Android onslaught. Recent iOS 7 is just a simple answer to it. But Blackberry to Nokia to Palm do not.

For others there is no real choice left now and Android is all-out killing Nokia, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Plam like genuine rival OS platforms out of the market. I like choice. We are as consumers quickly loosing the real choice in the open mobile market. Remember those early PC vendors like IBM, Packard-Bell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Gateway and even Dell now? Likewise believe me it’s not a pretty world to be. Android again dragging the tech world to the 90’s stagnant once one company dominated Windows PC centric virus plagued world if it wasn’t for the Apple. And they will send all profit shrinking small phone vendors like LG, HTC, Alcatel, even Samsung who rides it all down. I am pretty sure all these companies (even Samsung with Tizen) now looking for a way out of this utter Android lock-out! Just wait till Chinese breed their Androids for cheap as good as Samsung for Samsung to feel the real heat. They already are… And they are getting better and better here.


Can you compete in the commercial world with an imaginative 0 dollar free given phone for 50 bucks a year fucking insane Xiaomi phone deal. It will happen. To understand this Xiaomi thing please read this. When Samsung copies 50% of Apple, Chinese copy 100% of Samsung which running the same Android stock and gives it FREE. Apple will at least have iOS differentiation here to play the game.

Purpose of Droid is to destroy every other business proposition sending them out of business.

No innovation come out the companies with old school vision-less dead unsold OEM products in inventory. Androids only makes money for Google and Samsung for the moment. Soon this will be a dead zone for other OEM manufactures. That’s why Amazon is trying to differ here with Android itself with Fire tablets. Just like Xiaomi I think Amazon will make a phone which will be free given to the Amazon Prime subscribers. Before Windows people had so many PC platforms to choose from. Only Apple survived. Likewise in the past we had so many phones to choose from. Now there’s only two viable phone platforms to choose from just like in the PC world. I don’t like this. Palm dead. Symbian dead. Nokia dead. For BB is too late now. I hope at least MS will do something about this with brought over Nokia at least for us to have option 3 spot so my kid will have a phone other than Apple or Samsung or Chinese crap.

if you want more elaborate history on how our tech world came to be here refer WIKI or Daniel Eran Dilger who write for RoughlyDrafted Magazine and AppleInsider. Otherwise count my words, all this fandroids pushing us to a tasteless cheap copy-cat Chinese grey phone and tablet market. That is downright gross. Google also know this that they know Android got out of control and try to negate it with Nexus and Moto X initiatives with little success. I hope at least Apple will always remain as viable choice to withstand the Android invasion. Like the some inventors who regretted their babies. I hope Google will be pushed to close the Android open flood gates and will eventually focus on the Chromium OS branch.

I know, this is too much dog-food for these fandroids to eat, chew, devour and understand. For some, if Ignorance is a bliss. So be it.




Apple apart everyone else’s edge over Android is rapidly waning on almost all fronts. Quality and user experience wise Apple holds the card, A Toyota never drives like a BMW. Price, tweak-ability, variety wise no one else beats Android. It all takes a hit with rapid expanding Android platform.


Mind you Apple is NOT the threatened species here. Apple had always been a premium brand. Not a commodity brand. They survived the Microsoft Windows war so well they are immune to the Android onslaught. Their financial records repeatedly proves that. They will always make enough money to fund their exuberant 4 Billion plus R&D budget just fine. They just happened to be the leading player just because of iPhone iOS success. Even Steve Jobs expected iPhone just to capture 1% of the mobile phone market when he released it in 2007.   Most don’t understand this. Simply put it’s “Winner takes it all” strategy won’t apply to Apple. It never did. Apple had always been a niche player who define standards.

Nokia, Blackberry Palm and all other minor phone makers are the ones now taking the real hit and DOA (dead on arrival). No one that I know of now buys any of those. Would you want an Alcatel on your pocket now?

We people really do like choice and innovation. It is by far the single factor that drives the human race forward. Think of your dumb-phone you had before the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. Ironically, Apple was the ONLY last standing alternate choice of the desktop OS, who MAKES money on it. So it all happened before. Mac brought up a lab idea to the masses as Personal Computer and Windows PC commoditize it killing all other rival platforms but Apple. iPhone brought up so many lab only features to the mobile industry and Android is commoditizing it almost killing all other players. Apple may always survive since it’s a pioneer and a innovator of the first place in any given example. Mac, iPod, iTunes, Apple Store, iPhone, App Store and iPad

When Microsoft won the PC war, it killed all those would have been wonderful Amiga, Acorn, Atari, Sinclair and Commodore like platforms. And MS happily stopped innovating further that computer industry was stagnant at best up until again Apple woke it up with the Original iPhone/ iPad and Firefox, Chrome Browsers came to the Battle. In different scale it’s again happening on the the mobile platform wars right now, with Google’s free given Android takes the lead, Apple side-steps, the market will be stagnant.

I have seen Apple loosing this battle in the 90’s over the dominant desktop platform over PC even though that was technically or usability wise not the best choice. (Remember the 8 long dorm-life with MS IE 6 form 2001 to 2008) That is the platform strength Microsoft got over Apple on the Desktop PC war. Ironically later it made Apple bold enough to make the original iPhone, a killer. Unlike anything else the world has seen, or the market has tried upon, without being fear of “going out of business”

Simply put technology world need survivors to take the human race to the next level. Apple can’t pull the magic always. Nokia, RIM, Palm someone had to survive, now I am afraid that they won’t. I wish they will.

We all like choice. When Microsoft won the PC war the real choice for the people got lost, platform survival will pave way to another iPhone/ iPad like revolution that now most Android pundits like to talk about as if that is their own.

On my personal take Apple never wanted to dominate the markets, the iPhone and iPad success thing just came as a surprise, and they may just go fine as a niche-premium player again when 2015-2020 hits.

Apple had been tight-lipped about the jailbreak community and it never really took any direct actions to stop it just as SONY did with PlayStation hacking. Those fancy unofficial iPhone tweaks are the ones later now actually being the killer feature of the Android. (Tweak-ability ) But the release of iOS 6 has tightens it’s security that no Jailbreak is possible even after 6 months gone.

So here a tiny step you can take to convince Apple otherwise, to open their iOS (I know 99% they won’t do it) a bit more like to be Android.  So it will give a run for Android that what Nokia and all others can make another round.


Nonetheless in the long run, I wouldn’t complain, it will still be wonderful if we still can run bellow shown-wonder-screens on iPhone 5 at least. Isn’t it nice than the stock iPhone HomeScreen?
Our World Is Better with Choice!

How Apple keeps rolling lately..

It is an interesting twist and with Jobs ingenuity at work, Recently Apple again positions itself soundly among the toughest mobile phone competition in the US market.

Say, AT&T always had a sweet spot for Apple for being Apple exclusive for the last five years, which now ends and sells iPhone 3GS for free (0.99c), then, on the other hand Verizon and Sprint, arch rivals of iPhone without having it for years, promptly grab the iPhone and Apple demanded a premium subsidy so it can showcase the lowest seemingly price for it’s phone among the industry’s high end phones in Verizon Flagship Store.

Surprisingly Apple being premium, now has the lowest price there. What an irony!

Verizon rumored to be paying 450USD subsidy for each of the Apple models so
Apple sell them a lot cheaper than the competition. Indeed Job seems a genius
in negotiations and marketing.

Coolest cat leaves the den – Steve step aside from Apple!

Happy and sad, one of the most influential man in our time takes back seat. It was considered that the cat had the upper hand that we didn’t see any iPhone 4 or iPad II baseband hacks got materialized lately.

It’s like even by numbers itself almost everyone got cuddle up to the big cat’s paws.

Here are some of the best responses quotes of him.

Hope Apple will still produce the future we indulge!

Cheers and Good luck Steve!

Ginie out of the bottle, Finally a PC for my Dad!

Well, I was engulfed, long before most of the folks realize it makes less trouble to keep a Mac running than a PC. I started to use Mac back in 1998 and then switched to Windows and then again came back with Intel Macs in 2006 something. I knew it wasn’t the place I wanted to be, but it was the best place available for me to settle with minimum irritations. So I did settled with Macs and it’s OS X, switching back and forth with Windows clan. Almost all the time I just realized Macs just worked where PCs often failed, crashed, due to virus, software issue or a connection issue.

I saw a generations of people grew up, in 90’s, wanting, needing but without being really knowing how that they fit in, be in sync with this PC era. My mom, dad and uncle and the folks, they watch me in despair, that some idiot beige box I sit and stare and play in front of, wax it, tax it and fix it days without eating or beating. Dad specially wanted to know that what the darn thing is good at. He thought it was the culprit of his high electricity bills in our house. I tried telling him, but wasn’t all that good in doing so. But I wasn’t alone or the only one to blame.

The system was broken. Wires, minces, sockets, Windows, Macs, PCs, USBs, CDs, disks and zillion cables came with them made me a creature from a horror film of their time for my parents.

For me it was fun and game up until I had to work on projects, schedules. The cycle repeated when I got my first real mobile toy, Palm Treo 650, It was the Digital Nirwana for me, Still Dad and Mom’s day was dawned as usual, they didn’t know how to make a call with it even in emergency. I heard them calling, ” in our times, we never get a chance to learn this gizmos” they didn’t miss it, but they wished they could help me, or knew how to answer that gizmo big screen and keys Treo kept blinking when one of my friends call me.

And then came the iPhone. Using the Treo and switching to iPhone was unbelievable. I felt like the wiz kid in the Harry Potter Sequel. Touching, feeling, swiping, oh.. my god. That was so high. And the experience started to be an obsession, a drug, addiction. Apple is one of the most innovative companies and iOS is the best mobile platform still (2007-2012) out there. So I knew my parent’s day would come sooner than later. They played iPhone, looked through those beautiful pictures, play a song or two, and did answer calls came in while they were at it. It all felt natural, finger movements.

Swiftly fast forward the decade gone by of PC era, four years after the iPhone. Today I see when the generation of my kind, the netizens, wowed, glee and glued to the Apple’s iCloud keynote. I see a hope.

Suddenly I realized when Steve says ” It just works!” he actually means it, my parents’ day has come. I can jump up and yell, look Maa, no wires, finally! No, nothing to dangle. The iPad I may be gonna get for them, just works, right out of the box. No inheritance of the past post PC era iPhone they played with.

This image wraps up it all. Click for the full Engadget coverage here.

Finally the Ginnie is out of the bottle, a PC system without the nightmares of the PC world for the common man. All unified, the future waits right here with today’s Apple announces. Soon all will start their photocopiers but this time it would be very hard for anyone to offer anything this elegance all across the device spectrum. iOS, iPhone iPad and the upcoming OS X Lion. Wow!

So when I see that my parents are ready for iPad and I still wish my iPhone had that wonderful Treo keyboard. My little Sanu seems marvelously comfortable with “multi-touch” all natural finger movements as and when she learns them. This two years old is already quicker than my lousy hand with her iTouches. Here I realize the future is already here, already begun!

Cycle of Dreams…!


I remember
Recall the childhood days
I was amazed with
Spellbounded by
Geeked out
Wowed at
With the sheer marvel of gadgets
The electronics
Hightech gear
I remember the ways
I was dreaming of having
A Seven Segment LCD calculator
A timer clock
A cassette player
A SONY Walkman
A high-beam MagLite torch
A telephone
A mobile phone
A Treo Smartphone
Something un-tethered
A wireless brain
And owned world’s first true smart-phone
When it was more than a luxury
A 100 grands in local money
While I made mere fraction of it
Years gone by
I looked at my desk
7 iPhones in sight
Cared abundance!
It flashes me through the memories
Some dreams
Do really come true
When someone close by
Greeted me with his joy
Of his this new found toy
A dream of another me
Another Dreamsmademe
Breaks loose…
Expecting the least
Hoping for the best
Another Cycle-O-Meter
To begin with….

Pushing the impossible when failure is not an option!

These times are eventful. Corporate shakes are everywhere.

From the company I work for, Egypt as a country to HP-Palm to once rival Nokia – Microsoft handshake is intriguing stuff. I’ve been thinking this for a while since I was also going through some rough times, again.

I kinda like the new Microkia merger (or whatever you call it) because it reminds me the MS-DOS, IBM sega at one time which ended up with PC centric world.  Luckily Apple did survived for guys like me to have continuous fun. Even in 2006 no one believed Macs are more human and hassle free (think of viruses) this is after Apple had been running Mac OS X for nearly six years! Likewise I hope these new trends will define the tech landscape for the years to come and create more win-win atmosphere for everyone in the business. Unlike MS created an IBM cloned world, now Apple runs, Google dominated, RIM and Nokia world. All will have formidable counter competition that everyone’s luck will be hard pushed.

The movie “Jurassic Park” says some of this history’s worst things were done with best intentions. So some of these bold attempts may go fruitless without a sound plan, proper execution and support, unfortunately a reason sometimes now I can be reason with when I think of even my company’s perspective.

When corporations battered difficult times and came out, it is always the companies who learn from the past come out sound. Mine were also like that. When this cycles happen again and again, if the management get the illusion of security that things will itself work out “like” any “other” times and attempt to push the envelope further may seem almost committing suicide. These corporate stirs which exactly created the situation called “The Air Sandwich” where it actually hinders even a sound company’s bread and butter operations into a drag.

Corporate Shakeup
When employees had butterflies in the stomach to go for what the management outlines, you see these some of these bold moves collapse,


The top exec’s strategy doesn’t jive with what employees know to be true, questions stream continuously through people’s minds as internal dialogue:

“Is it just me, or is there a fatal flaw in this strategy?”…“Am I sup- posed to say something?”…“Will I get in trouble if I say some- thing?”…“Will I get in trouble if I don’t say something?”…“If I talk about my concerns, will I be perceived as a troublemaker?”…“If I can’t see how I can make this happen, will I be told I’m being too tactical?”…“Will I have to pay a price somewhere down the line if I look like I’m not on board with this plan?”

Questions such as “Should I say something?” or “Do they care about my opinion?” are whispered between coworkers when the organization lacks the tools for involving people and supporting collaboration in the strategy creation.


These kinds of unasked questions are a sure sign that a strategy is headed down the path toward failure, because they signal that the strategy wasn’t created properly or vetted deeply enough in the organization to be executed well.

Source:  “The New How” comes from the author Nilofer Merchant. Above is may be the best case study I was looking for. Excellent reading.

On the mobiles, with new developments we will see the rising starts out of this rubble, I wonder how many mobile platforms can survive at the end of the day. Android was a fun product for Google when all it meant was bleeding Microsoft.  But it eventually made Apple into an enemy, and now Nokia.  Android seems unintended bonus and free wheeling for cheap Chinese manufactures to compete with the industry’s top brass. Google made an enemy that even Google itself will blindly get caught in the ripple effect. Google may have increased the display space so waste at the expense of others dime. But time only will say how that industry shake up turns in to sound business.