(“When some dreams fall short others made me”)


Hi Everyone!
From the early day’s of my career I’ve became a web and tech junkie who still thinks the computer and the internet is the best thing that has ever happened to the mankind.
As far as I can remember since my childhood days I always loved to write, specially on the heart’s matters and the gadgets I love but never really kept a diary. The blogging has opened up so many streams of these free thoughts to flow on in a recordable-creative-manner. I love this. Many trends have emerged since I embrace the web, from classic Macintosh Desktop Publishing days to the open web. Netscape Navigator, AOL to Lycos and then Alta-vista knowledge hubs. Aftermath Yahoo to Google, Hi5, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook to the Mobile Appocalipse (Mobile App Revolution). I was always lucky to live and indulge it full from the beginning.

These trends come and go but blogging-sphere is still the best single place if someone want to keep writing without too much noise or distraction. So I love to keep this blog alive as long as I can write.

I have been using a Google Blogger Account since 2004 and lately around 2008 I have moved to WordPress for a greater flexibility and features. I am originally from the Hill Capital Kandy in the Paradise Isle, now live in Colombo suburb in the tropical paradise Sri Lanka.

My fondness for writing goes back to my lovely school days, girls I loved and the destiny landed me on my first job as a Sinhala Copy Writer at Advantage Sri Lanka (Now Rediffusion DYR, an advertising firm). Where my I met my life’s most influential people to reshape my life long manners. Though there were so much of potential in the advertising field with lot of pretty bizarre things I did not push it further to make it a life long career. I somehow being eager to be adventurous in seek of new frontiers. I am happy I did.

Still I somehow manage to keep that writing hobby intact, love poems, girls and things may have brighten it up somewhat. Some of my  tech related articles and occasional personal rant which keeps me interested conceived and preserved here in the blog. I had been a Tech Writer for PalmAddicts – Once A Famous Mobile Blog in the pre iPhone era where I used a Palm Treo 650 Smartphone for a while. One of the foundation of the Smartphone Revolution.

Now everything about mobiles seem to circle around mobile, Apple, Google Android and beyond. My first real computer experience was also a magical Classic Apple Mac, though I switch back and forth to the Windows PC crowd, but always kept an updated perspective with Apple since I believed that Mac Computer was what the mass personal computing should have been. Being a design lover obsessed with pixel perfection and elegant curved human beauty, I never liked the way the Windows PCs were made or behave for that reason.

The perfection I looked in gadgets I have hardly found elsewhere unless SONY or Apple had touched it. No wonder lately Apple became the world’s biggest tech company with iPhone success. I thought it would be SONY that would nailed the perfect mobile business since I used there to be iPhone gadget a CLIE SJ-33 back in the 2000. I knew it had the potential to be the modern Apple iPhone, Also knew Apple would be the next company to pull it off long before the real iPhone happened. The rest is a history. That it was destined to be my baby too.

So my interests mostly cover tech/ software/ mobile/ internet/ gadget and business related stuff where my hobbies are concentrated with software, Apple Mac and PDA/ Smartphone related stuff and music/ photographic and dancing (mostly forgotten) areas.

To name some of my other interests, ballroom dancing comes first, then I listen to music, swimming , iPhonion Lanka operations and Little Sanu comes to my mind.

Hope everyone is here for a reason. We are here to enjoy life’s finer brief moments in this short journey. It’s just like I am saying it to myself, but you are invited to come and indulge in…

Have a wonderful blessed life!


Best Regards,
UI/ UX Engineer, Software Strategy Analyst & Adviser, Business Consultant & Apple Evangelist


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