Who’d have thought that epic “Slide to Unlock” would have brought all us here, Tim (Steve) must be thinking!

Wow! One must follow the Apple case. It is going to be one of the very historic tech cases after the MS Anti-Trust case. Unlikely the MS case with much corporate dirt, Apple here holds true to, and close to the heart and it’s customers safety, privacy and dignity, on top of it the very core of the business principle with a hope for a sound strategy where they could have simply obey the court order. US government and FBI on the other hand got hands all over. I personally think it is history’s one of the boldest decisions made by a corporate executive (Tim Cook, CEO) to stand up to an evil dressed up in Government, National Security and FBI angel disguise clothes.

Even Apple backs down over the politics too much to bear, the case is a goldmine for future of human interactions with machines, that will probably be autonomous and AI driven in a future date on an evaporated cloud!

This is gonna be epic!


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