I am just day dreaming this, but I have seen this all, it all repeatedly happened before. Apple did revolutionize the industries as chronological order as follows.

1. Once (Mac/ GUI) for PC and Desktop Publishing Industry
2. Twice (iTunes/ iPod) for Music and Labels Industry
3. Thrice (iPhone) for Mobile and Telecoms Industry
4. 4th (AppStore) for Software and Content Industry
5. 5th (iPad) for Post PC Industry

I think Apple will unveil the 6th iteration of this today @ WWDC 2014. It’s gonna be all about connected devices future I hope. iPhone (iOS) will be the long promised Digital Hub of Things which ultimately drives our all interconnected devices, smart homes and beyond.

The bellow picture shows how the Internet of Things (IP Connected devices, sensors, gadgets) as they looks today. Isolated, not really have a shared intelligence as such. Pretty bizarre picture right?


This is where exactly Samsung Gear, Google Glass, Nest and many other fitness-ware, medical and home automation sensors fits in, and just like Android fragmented ecosystem this is a chaotic picture even for the savvy consumer. There’s is hardly a chance that anyone in particularly stand out, or play a significant role as Apple iPod did in 2001 in music industry or as iPhone did in 2007 in mobile industry.

This is where exactly I guess Apple will drive next wave of small small things (Wearable or Internet of Things) revolution’s future.

Remember where there were a thousands of MP3 players in the market in the year 2000? (Creative Nomad, Walkman, Countless Chinese and Winamp and Napster music). Apple launched the iTunes, iPod and then “Made for iPod” initiatives with criticism much what’s the use of 300 grand MP3 player when few bucks Chinese exists?

Today, the history is written as iTunes Music Store plus iPod was label music industry’s biggest digital transition success story. Wearing that white earphone became overnight hit hip-hop a sub-culture itself.

I hope Apple will announce something similar which it tern will make and shape the future of wearable devices and connected smart home, they may start it with Healthbook fitness healthcare app and combined “Made for iPhone” connected devices initiative that this INTERNET OF THINGS will kick start to flourish.


Rumored Apple Healthbook.

I am sure in few years 90% of these shown things in the picture will have “Made for iPhone” badge and will work natural with iPhones. People will say there were all there Apple just connected them. Android clan also will follow suite me too, me too slogan initiative. For the reasons that once the system is in place with marketing and political battles fought by Apple, it’s just a few matter of hours for other device makers and Android developers to make a similar API to connect to those and work almost the same.

It’s an irony that if it is either hardware or software, the world always instinctively follow on Apple. Soon, no one will remember then what Apple did to the industry!

Will see this in a year or two!


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