Today’s iFixit tear down of newly released iPad Mini reminds me the technological barrier of our time. The power hungry devices without never in sight of a technological breakthrough to juice them continuously.

More than 80% of the internal of new iPad Mini is consumed by the Goliath Battery, the sheer beauty brain is merely an inch of a logic board! This is no ordinary feat, even by the desktop PC terminology, the board has a 64bit desktop class oomph powering up air gasoline 2048X1536 pixel 326 dpi LCD Retina Display.

Even my three times bigger 22″ desktop still doesn’t go this far, Just even to think of crunching this many pixels it would have needed an air cooled dedicated graphics board to do that. This tiny ARM board does it all effortlessly. This is also something Intel doesn’t have a clue what to do with. (So recently INTEL joined the club too.)

But the real dilemma of our everything now should go wireless concept is the juice that powers the very things. The battery is the only thing that holds our fancy hardware like these new iPads from getting the feathery flying wings through the thin air.

Gosh this is when? It’s being nearly stark 250 years since the Benjamin Franklin found out the electricity, if I remembered it correctly.

iPad is just 3 years old, the PC industry itself is just 25 years young. The electricity is in the stone age!

Oh, What an irony!


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