lh2Facebook Home
A sweet infesting home!

When Mark Z announced his new boldest plans so far for the mobile, I questioned myself, Can Facebook Home re-shape the future of the mobile? Seems, yes, but for reasons that Facebook isn’t talking about right now with this announcement.

There is quite a possibility to hit it with Google and Apple strong hold. But whatever the success Facebook Home makes on Android, apart from Apple, Google at least can easily replicate as it own the eco-system and all the other knick knack knuckles. So I am still scratching my head to make a solid business case for Facebook move. There are a plenty of catchy moves can be hidden under Facebook’s agenda.

As far as I know there are two faces of Facebook, one which we saw with Facebook Home, the part which want to create the more open people connected walled world. The other face which we don’t talk about as much as we do on Google is the data mining part of Facebook.

The secret to Facebook Home success will most likely may depend on that untold side of Facebook which we will see in coming months. In that scenario if I am Google I would be worried Facebook is being a parasite on my own Android turf, if I am Apple I would be more cautious to let live iOS uses without the itching parasite or how far I should let it to infest iOS.  For anyone else (Mind you Nokia, Blackberry and other guys)  in the industry it may be alarming, that Facebook Home is eying to become the third force in mobile and beyond.

I am still waiting to see my friend Micheal Mace to dig it bit deeper.


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