Apple apart everyone else’s edge over Android is rapidly waning on almost all fronts. Quality and user experience wise Apple holds the card, A Toyota never drives like a BMW. Price, tweak-ability, variety wise no one else beats Android. It all takes a hit with rapid expanding Android platform.


Mind you Apple is NOT the threatened species here. Apple had always been a premium brand. Not a commodity brand. They survived the Microsoft Windows war so well they are immune to the Android onslaught. Their financial records repeatedly proves that. They will always make enough money to fund their exuberant 4 Billion plus R&D budget just fine. They just happened to be the leading player just because of iPhone iOS success. Even Steve Jobs expected iPhone just to capture 1% of the mobile phone market when he released it in 2007.   Most don’t understand this. Simply put it’s “Winner takes it all” strategy won’t apply to Apple. It never did. Apple had always been a niche player who define standards.

Nokia, Blackberry Palm and all other minor phone makers are the ones now taking the real hit and DOA (dead on arrival). No one that I know of now buys any of those. Would you want an Alcatel on your pocket now?

We people really do like choice and innovation. It is by far the single factor that drives the human race forward. Think of your dumb-phone you had before the arrival of the iPhone in 2007. Ironically, Apple was the ONLY last standing alternate choice of the desktop OS, who MAKES money on it. So it all happened before. Mac brought up a lab idea to the masses as Personal Computer and Windows PC commoditize it killing all other rival platforms but Apple. iPhone brought up so many lab only features to the mobile industry and Android is commoditizing it almost killing all other players. Apple may always survive since it’s a pioneer and a innovator of the first place in any given example. Mac, iPod, iTunes, Apple Store, iPhone, App Store and iPad

When Microsoft won the PC war, it killed all those would have been wonderful Amiga, Acorn, Atari, Sinclair and Commodore like platforms. And MS happily stopped innovating further that computer industry was stagnant at best up until again Apple woke it up with the Original iPhone/ iPad and Firefox, Chrome Browsers came to the Battle. In different scale it’s again happening on the the mobile platform wars right now, with Google’s free given Android takes the lead, Apple side-steps, the market will be stagnant.

I have seen Apple loosing this battle in the 90’s over the dominant desktop platform over PC even though that was technically or usability wise not the best choice. (Remember the 8 long dorm-life with MS IE 6 form 2001 to 2008) That is the platform strength Microsoft got over Apple on the Desktop PC war. Ironically later it made Apple bold enough to make the original iPhone, a killer. Unlike anything else the world has seen, or the market has tried upon, without being fear of “going out of business”

Simply put technology world need survivors to take the human race to the next level. Apple can’t pull the magic always. Nokia, RIM, Palm someone had to survive, now I am afraid that they won’t. I wish they will.

We all like choice. When Microsoft won the PC war the real choice for the people got lost, platform survival will pave way to another iPhone/ iPad like revolution that now most Android pundits like to talk about as if that is their own.

On my personal take Apple never wanted to dominate the markets, the iPhone and iPad success thing just came as a surprise, and they may just go fine as a niche-premium player again when 2015-2020 hits.

Apple had been tight-lipped about the jailbreak community and it never really took any direct actions to stop it just as SONY did with PlayStation hacking. Those fancy unofficial iPhone tweaks are the ones later now actually being the killer feature of the Android. (Tweak-ability ) But the release of iOS 6 has tightens it’s security that no Jailbreak is possible even after 6 months gone.

So here a tiny step you can take to convince Apple otherwise, to open their iOS (I know 99% they won’t do it) a bit more like to be Android.  So it will give a run for Android that what Nokia and all others can make another round.


Nonetheless in the long run, I wouldn’t complain, it will still be wonderful if we still can run bellow shown-wonder-screens on iPhone 5 at least. Isn’t it nice than the stock iPhone HomeScreen?
Our World Is Better with Choice!


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