How Apple keeps rolling lately..

It is an interesting twist and with Jobs ingenuity at work, Recently Apple again positions itself soundly among the toughest mobile phone competition in the US market.

Say, AT&T always had a sweet spot for Apple for being Apple exclusive for the last five years, which now ends and sells iPhone 3GS for free (0.99c), then, on the other hand Verizon and Sprint, arch rivals of iPhone without having it for years, promptly grab the iPhone and Apple demanded a premium subsidy so it can showcase the lowest seemingly price for it’s phone among the industry’s high end phones in Verizon Flagship Store.

Surprisingly Apple being premium, now has the lowest price there. What an irony!

Verizon rumored to be paying 450USD subsidy for each of the Apple models so
Apple sell them a lot cheaper than the competition. Indeed Job seems a genius
in negotiations and marketing.


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