How did Adobe Flash go from leader to loser?

It came as no surprise, toady Adobe announced it’s no longer commited to develop the Flash Mobile, means all Flash content will move out of Flash into the open web, HTML 5 and beyond, soon. I knew this day would come, eventually. I have written about Flash in the past which can be found bellow. It was how a wonderful product can get extinct by bad marketing and greed. Back in the days Flash was a wonderful tool. it still is. problem is Adobe wanted it to be everything, from design tool, to developer script machine to gaming platform. Aren’t there enough platforms which does cater each indivual need better? lack of focus and commitment to do better while still wanting to be everything is where Adobe got messed up this game. Now, almost single handedly killed by Apple iOS arrival. Flash seriously has no relavance in modern computing.

 Living broadband while Flash eats my tube…

Flash didn’t just die.  It was managed into oblivion by the way Adobe handled it.


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