Ginie out of the bottle, Finally a PC for my Dad!

Well, I was engulfed, long before most of the folks realize it makes less trouble to keep a Mac running than a PC. I started to use Mac back in 1998 and then switched to Windows and then again came back with Intel Macs in 2006 something. I knew it wasn’t the place I wanted to be, but it was the best place available for me to settle with minimum irritations. So I did settled with Macs and it’s OS X, switching back and forth with Windows clan. Almost all the time I just realized Macs just worked where PCs often failed, crashed, due to virus, software issue or a connection issue.

I saw a generations of people grew up, in 90’s, wanting, needing but without being really knowing how that they fit in, be in sync with this PC era. My mom, dad and uncle and the folks, they watch me in despair, that some idiot beige box I sit and stare and play in front of, wax it, tax it and fix it days without eating or beating. Dad specially wanted to know that what the darn thing is good at. He thought it was the culprit of his high electricity bills in our house. I tried telling him, but wasn’t all that good in doing so. But I wasn’t alone or the only one to blame.

The system was broken. Wires, minces, sockets, Windows, Macs, PCs, USBs, CDs, disks and zillion cables came with them made me a creature from a horror film of their time for my parents.

For me it was fun and game up until I had to work on projects, schedules. The cycle repeated when I got my first real mobile toy, Palm Treo 650, It was the Digital Nirwana for me, Still Dad and Mom’s day was dawned as usual, they didn’t know how to make a call with it even in emergency. I heard them calling, ” in our times, we never get a chance to learn this gizmos” they didn’t miss it, but they wished they could help me, or knew how to answer that gizmo big screen and keys Treo kept blinking when one of my friends call me.

And then came the iPhone. Using the Treo and switching to iPhone was unbelievable. I felt like the wiz kid in the Harry Potter Sequel. Touching, feeling, swiping, oh.. my god. That was so high. And the experience started to be an obsession, a drug, addiction. Apple is one of the most innovative companies and iOS is the best mobile platform still (2007-2012) out there. So I knew my parent’s day would come sooner than later. They played iPhone, looked through those beautiful pictures, play a song or two, and did answer calls came in while they were at it. It all felt natural, finger movements.

Swiftly fast forward the decade gone by of PC era, four years after the iPhone. Today I see when the generation of my kind, the netizens, wowed, glee and glued to the Apple’s iCloud keynote. I see a hope.

Suddenly I realized when Steve says ” It just works!” he actually means it, my parents’ day has come. I can jump up and yell, look Maa, no wires, finally! No, nothing to dangle. The iPad I may be gonna get for them, just works, right out of the box. No inheritance of the past post PC era iPhone they played with.

This image wraps up it all. Click for the full Engadget coverage here.

Finally the Ginnie is out of the bottle, a PC system without the nightmares of the PC world for the common man. All unified, the future waits right here with today’s Apple announces. Soon all will start their photocopiers but this time it would be very hard for anyone to offer anything this elegance all across the device spectrum. iOS, iPhone iPad and the upcoming OS X Lion. Wow!

So when I see that my parents are ready for iPad and I still wish my iPhone had that wonderful Treo keyboard. My little Sanu seems marvelously comfortable with “multi-touch” all natural finger movements as and when she learns them. This two years old is already quicker than my lousy hand with her iTouches. Here I realize the future is already here, already begun!


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