Cycle of Dreams…!


I remember
Recall the childhood days
I was amazed with
Spellbounded by
Geeked out
Wowed at
With the sheer marvel of gadgets
The electronics
Hightech gear
I remember the ways
I was dreaming of having
A Seven Segment LCD calculator
A timer clock
A cassette player
A SONY Walkman
A high-beam MagLite torch
A telephone
A mobile phone
A Treo Smartphone
Something un-tethered
A wireless brain
And owned world’s first true smart-phone
When it was more than a luxury
A 100 grands in local money
While I made mere fraction of it
Years gone by
I looked at my desk
7 iPhones in sight
Cared abundance!
It flashes me through the memories
Some dreams
Do really come true
When someone close by
Greeted me with his joy
Of his this new found toy
A dream of another me
Another Dreamsmademe
Breaks loose…
Expecting the least
Hoping for the best
Another Cycle-O-Meter
To begin with….


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