A beauty in my hand – Nikon D3100

This has been an ancient hobby as well as a desire. I was in love with digicams back in the days I have first seen them, and owned a Chinese (Mercury) model  since the day one they became affordable (to me) around 2001-2002. Then and there I have owned couple of Point & Shoots and for the last two years I was without a one.

Though I would have loved to have a DSLR  those were not in the affordable and sizable range until recently. Finally here seems a model that would fit in my hand under the wallet’s range. Reviews seemed good enough. So is the jump.

If you are in FB here you can enjoy some of the first picture those came out of my new camera. Back to a Forgotten Hobby – Experiments! (Facebook Album)


This is the first time I have taken a such lovely shot with bokeh (defuse background) effect.


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