Bye Bye Optical Discs! Apple sends the CDs in to the thin air!

This tale is interesting. I presumed this has to happen in one way or the other. I stopped piling up CDs roughly 2.5 years back when I brought my 500GB external drive.  With legendary iMac, Apple killed the Floppy Disc. Coincidentally Apple seem to be in the driving seat for the second time.And I guess they has confirmed that it is driving the final nail in to the Optical Disc Coffin too.

Today in modern computing world Optical Discs has no or little use. They are becoming more and more unpractical. CD/DVD are no longer used as they used to be in the past and they will soon go in the same way Floppy went, obsolete!

Also I guess the DVD is gonna be the last mass produced Optical Disc Format we saw in human history.

Now with recently announced Apple MacBook Air you open the box and you will find no Optical Discs inside. Normally, Apple includes at least one back-up DVD to reinstall OS X and other software if your computer fails. But now, that has been replaced with a super-slim USB stick. This stick, packed in with your manual, is all you need to reinstall your system now. (I’ve been doing this for years!) Apple has been shipping iPhone and iPod products without any Optical Disc doing a huge manufacturing and environmental saving. So all the Mac too will soon come without any CD or DVD in it’s packaging.

This makes a lot of sense. CDs were replaced by DVDs because they offered a lot more storage. But flash memory cards, such as the one Apple includes with the Air, are already blowing DVDs out of the water when it comes to storage. They may still be more expensive to produce, but Apple has clearly figured out a way to make it work.  As far as I can remember I have hardly ever used the DVD ROM drive in my Macbook for my own purposes except an occasional film on a DVD. And the the software, all of it, including the latest Windows 7 installation (ISO) I run from a file stored in my home network without ever needing a CD/ DVD. I even install Mac OS X if I ever need from a specially formatted 8GB USB Flash Drive without ever needing a Optical Drive on my Macs. So the future is already here, it’s just that we face it.

To add confirmation to the theory, Apple even unveiled a Mac App Store. It will work pretty much just as their App Store does on the iPhone. There will be free and paid apps. There will be one-click downloads. There will be automatic updates. All that. Bingo!

There won’t be are any optical discs. No shrink wrapped Software Boxes anymore!

Up until now, the vast majority of software (at the commercial variety) has been distributed by way of CD or DVD. The Mac App Store could very well change that. Every app found on that store, undoubtedly including the big ones we all know and love and use on our computers today, will be distributed over the Internet. This is long overdue.

Plenty of companies have tried Internet distribution for a long time. Some have success, and some don’t. But none have the type of central repository that Apple is offering here. This is going to be huge.

If it sounds similar to what Google is working on with the Chrome Web Store, or what Mozilla is proposing with their Open Web Ecosystem, remember that those are only web apps. We’re talking native applications for the Mac App Store. We’re talking apps that run on our computer, just like we have now, they’re just distributed in a way that makes a lot more sense.

They’re distributed in a way that makes the CD, DVD, and every other optical disc obsolete. And that’s good, since soon the optical drives will start to fade out of existence as well.

With the launch of the iTunes Music Store years ago, Apple put the wheels in motion to kill the CD. Then they sphere ahead the iPhone App Store without ever needing a single Optical Disc for 100 million odd iOS devices sold.

Today, they kicked off their Final Assault. There will be no survivors.

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