RIM or RIP – Is BB driving downhill?

Sometimes we need a head-turner. I guess after the Palm’s debacle and MS Mobile extinction, RIM needs one too. That’s what my favorite tech analyzer Michael Mace says. For most conventional tech companies the story seems a good lesson.

Outstanding analysis,  I would say, you must read on

Berried in BlackBerry Maze

I agree nonetheless. This was the exact same reasons why Palm did fail and went unheard of now with their mobile strategy.

I saw this problem when in the last days of my Palm Treo 650 use. I had no successor to turned towards but Apple’s new comer. yet, for the sake of the platform, assuming Palm will turn the tables. I brought a Treo 680 just to give Palm a breathing room to reinvent. They never did it in time. WebOS was good, good enough to keep me hooked but they missed it by large 2-3 year head start of Apple Rainbow Marketing Machine.

Also as some comments suggests I see no immediate threat to Apple from Android clan or any other, which is mostly fragmented. I have tried the greatest Nexus One to the latest Samsung Galaxy S, all at least trialling a year behind gaining the perfection to the amount of the very first iPhone ecpectations.

I am being modest and not bias, the iPhone experience can not be matched by Android just as yet.

Also since I know of little bit of iPhone Ecosystem and after life (www.iphonion.com), iPhone users hardly switch phones, perhaps not at all for another year or two.

So they only cut into MS mobile, RIM, Nokia and Chinese knock off sales, not in to Apple’s cash cow.

Though technically and mentally challenging I presume the best bet for the mobile consumer would have been either RIM or MS was buying out Palm which didn’t happen. MS survives due to bigger PC earned chest to live up to WP7, even that now rivaled by Google Android and gains no momentum as yet. RIM on the other hand has no any other business than sweat on mobiles.

Apple now even drawing the focus elsewhere like TV-in-Apps back to Mac OS like things which drives variation while others struggle just to copy what Apple did a good four years back with their competent bleeding edge iOS ecosystem.

I have personally not used a BB though, I loved Treo 650 keyboard, which was the only reason I would have brought a BB if ever. Now even my 1.5 year old so accustomed to finger swipes, where now she even tend to swipe my “ordinary” laptop and camera screens as they are “multi-touch” enabled. The golden days for Physical Buttons (Treo Keyboard and BB) also seems doomed in the tech space.

There goes Michael Mace‘s good article. Head on with little BB rant.


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