Apple is clear, but Adobe gets sour over Flash

There’s been much ha ho in the net over Apple’s decision to ditch Flash from iPhone OS when they introduced iPhone OS in 2007. But most don’t know even right now in March 2010 Adobe has nothing for mobiles other than “promised-ware”. What they have is Flash Lite which incapable of running full Flash content.

Being an early Flash Designer and a much of a Macromedia fan in the fast I liked Flash since it made possible things I only dreamed of in the pre-AJAX era as a web designer. The notion changed over time having seen the direction Adobe want Flash to go when they took over it from Macromedia. I was dumbfound see how casual Adobe wanted to pursue Flash dream to the Clouded World. The dream itself was impressive but the problem was Adobe wasn’t so focused.

The un-famous half hearted on the fence Adobe efforts were a sure result of the recent dire situation it has fallen in with Apple’s decision. Even Microsoft admits Flash has a problem.

Macromedia made the fantastic web tool out of FutureSplash, Adobe made it to a horrible migration and a developer-designer nightmare tool which no-one loves but can’t deny cos Flash ability to turn fantastic user interfaces for the web. Flash created eyes out, popping out, f**** distractions on the web, cheap addictive Facebook games and some of the rare industry leading enterprise front ends shows Flash potential as well as it’s own problem. They were good at that time. not anymore. The difficulty to control things with Flash is it’s own graveyard.

Recent Apple iPhone SO 4.0 draws the line sharp & clear as possible. Steve is probably right many times than not. History has proven that. Being a long time computer user I know Adobe never fixes the Flash Plug-in holes and CPU hog either on PC or Mac in time. Here’s just what I experience much too often.

Meanwhile Apple is courting developers.  Apple is giving iPhone developers the best deal they’ve had in history. I am through with how Apple turn things around . Steve believes on “Do it right so you have nothing to fix later, “developer” that runs away from this deal because they only want to put their garbage on App Store with minimum hassle, wants to code in Flash, Java, Python or anything but can’t handle switching to Xcode is being foolish at best. Steve won’t break his golden egg for that.

If the reason is that they want to code in Flash, then they aren’t really even “developers” in my book. I can run several lines of “scripts” but I don’t go around calling myself a “developer” as a result of that my minor skill.

The primary reason for the change, I hear from sources familiar with Apple’s, is to support sophisticated multitasking APIs in iPhone OS. The system will now be evaluating apps as they run in order to implement smart multitasking. Even I can’t figure how on earth single-point mouse driven Flash handle iPhone’s human and other sensors inputs, in iPhone where as not even a keyboard. Apple can’t do this if apps are running within a run time or are cross compiled with a foreign structure that doesn’t behave identically as native Touch/ Coca APIs.

“[The operating system] can’t swap out resources, it can’t pause some threads while allowing others to run, it can’t selectively notify, etc. Apple needs full access to a properly-compiled app to do the pull off the tricks they are with this new OS,]” wrote one reader in some forum.

So as it seems now Adobe. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting that you have a problem and fix it, than flocking users with your inundated theories and stuff a sound business plan for Adobe is outlined here “Why Adobe Should Change its Mobile Strategy (again)

Apps and comics apart, there is not a single game that impressed me was done in Flash, would that change if you are given a free ride on already elegant iPhone ecosystem?

I pretty much doubt that!

Here a good YouTube video on what Flash does to your User Experience, it sucks!

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