“Closed Systems” – An Apple’s World?

There was a nice article in Wired.

May be too early to tell, nonetherless interesting to read. Here it goes
My this Windows 7 article also somewhat related to this.

Lord of the world

I too fear this day would come in one way or the other.

Having a ROM Crafted Treo for four full years, seeing how “closed” the iPhone OS is and never wanting one. Tasting a Linux varient Web OS on Pre. The things are somewhat skepticle but not quite impossible knowing the Steve Jobs & Co.

Quite frankly they defined many things in computing world, from Personal Computer, USB, Mouse (?), Firewire, DispalyPort to Best UI and iPod, iPhone, iTunes ecosystem but this very company may drive us to this feared a bleak the Matrix like future.

Hence though I use it alongside Windows, quite franckly refrain from recomanding Macs in general, iPhones never.

Still they are too flashy not to get too much attention. Obviously if they roll on, MS will follow suit inevitably. Even MS no downgradable Vista (Now Windows 7) netbooks are also a kind like this.

So my Macs run Windows, I buy mostly Chinese PC stuff, Palm phones. May be Google Android Netbook can be considered if I ever want one.


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