A feat unmatched! Sri Lanka is the best case study.

No congratulatory messages from world leaders – No applause for Sri Lanka’s military – No mention for the world’s biggest humanitarian rescue operation by the armed forces that rescued almost 250,000 Tamil civilians from LTTE clutches – No plaudits for the Only Nation to have crushed the world’s worst Terrorist movement…. Did we not say that barring a few friendly nations, world leaders remained hostile towards Sri Lanka preferring instead to play fiddle to the LTTE’s “liberation” “discrimination” “genocide” tune. Sri Lanka has proved the world and these world leaders wrong and as the nation continues to celebrate.

The above is nice reading from Shenali Waduge
A good analysis of SL approach and where western have failed form Prof. Rohan Gunaratna.

The west, They don’t acknowledge we were in the same boat, But Sri lanka effectively has succeeded where the US and allies have failed miserably to eradicate terrorism. Nonetheless facts remain facts and soon those western secret services will start studying our case 🙂


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