Bravo, Hail Sri Lanka!

LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka is free from terror

Sri Lankan armed force have militarily defeated the LTTE and freed the nation from three decades of terror , Army Chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced short while ago.

Meanwhile defence sources on the battlefront said that all top LTTE leaders have been killed . The soldiers are in the process identifying the bodies of LTTE cadres.

Ministry of Defence

Seeing the amount of arms and resources smuggled by these sick terrorists if let this maniacs to continue for another year Sri Lanka would have been terrorists state! So bravo our heroes. Today we write a new history free from Cyanide Killers.

You dreamy asylum seekers, your money is utter waste in vein, at least now can you see and support SL government to build a better Sri Lankan Nation.

The HE President should announce today  18 MAY 2009 is our new National Day!


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