The Lucky Seven for MS, Windows 7 Is Impressive!

I just start test driving Windows 7 still in beta and it reminds me some old fun times…

Nowadays netbooks, mobiles, phones, tablets, kiosks and the clouds. All these systems are there but no matter what still the desktop is the center of the technology realm. On which it still creates, views, syncs, backs up and upload almost all IT content.

And when it comes to Operating Systems it is a wilderness. There are a ten zillion OS variants, some even now delivered online as clouds. So most of us have lost track or the interest on these to treat it just as the TV in the living room…

Many, including me, hoping soon some Web Driven OS that runs everywhere becoming a standard of the new world order. Google with Chrome, Apple with iPhone WebKit and now Palm with Plam Pre all geared towards this cloud computing trend. But the day is far from dawning yet.

As the technology stands today, obviously it may take a another good 3-4 years for web applications and big pipes to match the desktop class productivity applications on the browser. Games and graphics media applications may even take another decade to come even close to match the desktop performance. So still the desktop is the real king of this new info universe. So I see no reason giving up my lovely Macs for anytime soon.

I mainly use Mac OS X, but Microsoft Windows always had a sweet spot being the industry’s unrivaled standard for Desktop Operating Systems. Lately having released pre beta stated Vista as a commercial release without ironing out the bugs, Microsoft had a series of blunders on their part though. Windows Vista adoption was almost handicapped. No one seems to like or interested enough to upgrade it for some obvious reasons. So Microsoft Windows image was largely over shadowed for last two three years. Some like me even switched back to rival Mac OS X with Apple’s Intel Marriage and never sees a come back. Further now it even runs Windows on these beautiful Apple hardware with VMWare or Bootcamp.

Anyway I have long forgotten the wow factor which naturally happens when I see some remarkable great OS or software piece. In the past there were a few occasions this happened for me as I can recall them as follows:

1. I hadn’t had a clue when I first saw the Graphical User Interface driven OS with a mouse, the legacy Mac OS. Prior to that I had merely used MS DOS in school.

The Legacy Mac OS

2. Then when I saw Lode Runner running on Mac OS Classic in full color (actually 256 😉 and the Aldus Page Maker Desktop Publishing Revolution had taken place when I got in to the advertising industry after school.

My first full time OS experience Mac OS Classic

I became who I am due to Aldus PageMaker and then Freehand

Lode Runner on Mac OS Classic
The first and the only (OK, Prince of Persia too) game I ever got addicted)

3. Then the impossible happened. Having seen Winamp running on Windows 95 or 98 (I can not recall which I was on Mac OS back then) but by the sheer wow factor of mp3 music revolution and the Netscape browser may have soon pushed me to switch to Windows. My career change from advertising to software too was partly responsible for this.

Winamp MP3
Music Revolution which actually fueled and kick started my computer craze, ripping parts, assembling various cards, what a glorious time it had been… No other generation can re-live that. Soon almost all PCs will come as pre-fabricated notebooks manual assembling is a thing of the past.

4. Finally with Windows 2000 I have stopped being wowed and it brought peace to all the crashing applications which I could not live without.

Microsoft’s first top class product which deserves all it’s credit

Lately never got impressed by any other OS or application until I got my Treo 650. Mac OS X, Windows XP or any single version of Linux variants, most I personally did install to check but remained mostly loyal to Windows XP and Mac OS X which became what I use in everyday life. All seemed superb, stable and did what they supposed to do, host my beloved plethora of applications without the famous “Blue Screen of Death“.

Windows Vista became a real water-hog I never even looked at it since it was my worst ever OS experience when I first installed it to check.

Now, here again suddenly MS has once again stirred my wow factor (al least for not releasing a crap-ware) and seem to have a strong come back. It says 7 is a lucky number. So it does seem to be true this time for Microsoft with Windows 7.


I just ran my old hobby one last time as I was installing it. The future of famous Windows Desktop, daubed as MS Windows 7 now on far or even rival with Mac OS X. It is the much needed UI upgrade Windows 2000 deserved. Looks just like Vista but MS have surely ironed out most of what Vista was, as stable as the commercial release of Windows 2000.

Almost after a decade Apple first released Mac OS X, Microsoft is now catching on. Strangely both rival Operating Systems look almost the same or copy-cat wiseversa. But still they cater two different worlds.

Years old Mac OS X Finder, the only complain I have against Mac OS

Now the Tree View is gone Windows 7 Explorer almost look the same

Have a comprehensive look at what MS have copied from Mac OS here.
Anyway I am glad, the future of the famous desktop now showing live and it sure rocks!









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