Use TrueType fonts on your Palm Treo

I know most of you guys may aware of the wonderful Palm font utility called FontSmoother. I consider it’s one of the must have for any Palm user. FontSmoother installation comes with many of Palm friendly typefaces where Utopia is one of my favorites.

But I was sort of looking for a way to use some of my favorite fonts that I use on my computer screen. Specially I have grown a fan of the few fonts which came bundled with new MS Office 2007 version. They are very good for screen reading. Namely my personal takes are like Segoe UI, Calibri and Cambria is very nice. Also the new Google Android font is so cool.

So as I figure out there is a simple way to get any of your famous TrueType font on your Palm.

For that, go and download EasyConvert font utility for Windows. Install it and simply use it to convert any TTF you want to Palm friendly PRC format, copy those to you treo and use it. The results outright awesome. Check out the difference!

Below are some of the samples I’ve taken with ScreenDumpDa shows how realistic the FontSmother effect.

Treo with Droid font
Treo borwser with native font
The same with FontSmoother Droid font
The same with FontSmoother Droid font

One additional advantage of this is you can actually have very small fonts with it so that the shown info for a given screen is very much more that using the normal Treo font. Look at the following captures they show all of app name without cutting off part like with palm font.

LauncherX with normal font
LauncherX with normal font
LauncherX with FontSmoother
LauncherX with FontSmoother

Also if you use FontSmoother with other famous Palm font utility called Font4OS5 you can set various fonts for various Palm applications with full control.

So enjoy these new possibilities and happy seasonal greetings for you all!


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