Battle of the Clones – A Possible End ?

This is the Part II, my follow up post to Web 3.0 Already – Part I

According to the things Google matters and beyond. Below is the background story of that
Why I think Google Chrome can take the web to the next level“. Jump Start to the Web 3.0 from some ancient 8 years old web tech to the future.

NCSA Mosaic – The first people friendly web browser.

This is the same old successor story repeating a decade later which shaped our world. The web all started with tech geeks or with so called nerds. The famous Netscape Navigator successor to the Mosaic the first web browser made it people friendly. I loved it and wowed by Netscape and thought web was Netscape those days. Likewise everyone back then suggested the Netscape will become the computer OS itself eliminating the OS part it resides, Bongo! Soon, it became the problem child.

The problem child which triggered the Modern Browser War

This hype woke up the sleeping giant, the mighty Microsoft. It was the most successful tech firm which was making millions already by selling it’s flagship infancy Windows OS. With all the industry strengths behind, Microsoft feared that it’s booming Windows business may go out of business due to this new child. I have heard that MS even offered Netscape a buy back offer which they refused knowing their own future potential. But in this hype Netscape was blind eyed to what Microsoft was capable of. This triggered series of chain reactions finally Microsoft put all it’s industry strengths and resources focus on one thing. Developing their own browser, copying everything from Netscape and Mosaic itself. MS made the Internet Explorer better. The rest is the famous “Written History“.

Years later Netscape obviously stumbled. Many create other own browser families. Netscape itself, then IE and afterwords Mozilla, Opera, Safari and various other IE shell based (NetCaptor) browsers all rooted back to the old Mosaic engine somehow, in order to comply the way the original web is written.

Hence the Battle of the Clones has to end if the web to freely innovate further where MS Internet Explorer is the unrival king of the web browsers which is blocking this. Technology wise web has evolved so much. But browsers have not evolved as such due to the simple fact that no one had the guts or the strength to go against Microsoft. Knowing this MS halted all IE development and innovations altogether after it’s 5th iteration for more than 8 years now posing a fundamental barrier limiting the web’s technological growth which should have come along with the time.

Or so thinks many including the famous Mozilla Firefox and the Google Chrome Team now.

Web developers also knew this and became frustrated to put more energies just to make their sites browser compatible, limiting the web innovations, cos MS IE breaks most HTML standards at will but they have to make it IE compatible since it’s the sheer leader, now the problem child number two.

So, welcome to Google Chrome. For better or worse, I think that they can change this game, forever.

That I will follow up with a post, Web 3.0 Already – Part III.


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