OaSis (Operating Systems) of Computing

Since the invention of Personal Computers Apple and Microsoft have come a long way with their rival Operating Systems. There were life long battles and I considered them as “The Beauty and the Beast”. Mac OS is the Beauty for the nice aesthetics and Windows is the Beast for the features and software availability.

Oasis of Computing
Oasis of Computing

Neither did marry very well together due to their worlds apart core strengths but co-existed nonetheless. I started computing with pre-windows DOS era and then up to Windows 3.1 or so. Got wowed and switched to Mac OS version up to 7-8 back them.

Mainly due to my early career shift from data information company (DataOne) to advertising (Advantage SL) which made the different from I am becoming an Information Executive to Design Guru.

I learned what I know and a make a living because of Macintosh, I became what I’ve become and what I’ve gained because of the net bubble and Microsoft Windows. Both have contributed to my life alike.

Anyway I have lived enough, last 8 or so years purely on Windows which made me at home and never felt that I have missed anything. It lacked the eye candy or the performance of a Macs I knew but sheer number of software titles and Windows Explorer’s strong file handling capabilities kept me hooked. Nonetheless Apple didn’t do anything impressive lately until Mac OS X and iPod either so I was bestowed with Windows.

They were two different worlds that do not go along hand in hand. My company is a Windows, IT based one, I get my work done quite nicely with Windows. So things seems OK up until I started using an iPod. Suddenly I felt things have changed for Mac OS since I abandoned it. Apple re-wrote it as Mac OS X dropping the legacy which Microsoft never had the guts to do with Windows.

Suddenly out of nowhere Apple is having the industry’s most advanced modem operating systems under it’s hood to be tweaked into anything it wants. Considering the fact that no other tech firm exists today which excels in hardware design as Apple does, gifted, Apple got industry’s most portable (versatile) OS as Mac OS X to drive these wonderful piece of hardware it creates. It’s a matchmaking done in heaven.
So while the rest of the industry yet to figure out how to master this your toasters to fridge to computer “everything runs on software” future. Apple is cranking out it’s Mac OS X variants one after another.

IPod, iTunes, Music Store, AirPort Base Station, Apple TV and now making the mobile industry clueless the iPhone and App Store. Let’s not forget this is alongside their core business Macintosh Computers. Everything now runs on Mac OS.

The point is this got interesting enough now that I am back on using an Macs instead of my beloved PCs. The switch made some fairly considerable thinking but now I see there’s no turning back.

Viola! “The Beauty and The Beast” I referred earlier, both now runs on Mac OS.
Read my next article on how Apple took over the rein of computing again for better or worse.


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