Hypnotized but not sold to Apple…

Inspired by Michael Maze’s Mobile Opportunity Article

As Maze has hinted I was too struck by this Apple iPhone tidal wave. More than Apple itself, all the tech media portals seems to be doing Apple’s marketing instead. Anyone in the mobile industry would have loved to ride these free marketing waves. Unfortunately only Apple has mastered the art. The shame with it, where is Nokia, Palm, BB or the rest of the industry stands in this abyss?

As a tech hobbyist these are the best and the worst times I’ve ever been. I was happy, contended and doing my daily routines with my age old Treo 650. Switched back and forth with few other phones but T650 kept me happy and I hadn’t had any issues since I devoted to Palm back in 1998 or so. There are ten zillion phones came out. But hard to find something as flexible as Treo. It brought me software freedom without tethers. Despite the long due Palm OS upgrade I use it without a sheer contender to go for. No other phone would hold up my 4 years old, 3000 or more, nearly 100 threaded, 1.5 MB or so SMS database and opens it up in a snap like my Treo does. On the other side this Mobitel SIM I use with this Treo is 7.2 Mbps HSDPA enabled 3.5G connection for nearly two years now! But it’s a desperation without having any means to utilize it with Plam OS. So in a way nothing about T650 is sexy anymore. Then again still nothing else was compelling enough to make the switch, up until now.

Then last year Apple spoiled this mindset. Came in six months prior to the actual release and dropped the iPhone bomb. Now after a year and half later, even today I can’t get one officially here while they drop another shell as iPhone 3G. Most here can’t figure out why Apple deliberately miss out so much potential market in Asia (Europe too) without releasing iPhone just like any other phone sold here. Unlocked, free as beer to consume.

Apple spoiled my day by big time. Amazed, hypnotized, dazzled by seeing my dream device in real which I dreamed years back when I use the SONY CLIE. Ahem, So I can’t get one here since these operator hurdles.

Specially people like me who are accustomed to Asian free GSM mobile ecosystem. Here in Sri Lanka, even a small demography but have four GSM operators. People have few ways to go around if one ill treat them. We are accustomed to freedom, freedom to choose whatever the dream phone we wish regardless the operator crap.

Apple showed me what to do with my abandoned whopping 7.2 HSDPA data link. Everything about iPhone refined phone business. Sexy, hype, hip and all capable. I like Macs over PC so it’s no brain I can simply switch or so I thought?

Not quit so… I realized that there is another side of the story.

After an year or so with two iPhone models and few software versions in the market, and now with the App Store. Suddenly I find Apple is unfairly playing with people’s mindset and choices. No, there is no way Apple’s gonna get me hooked unless they change their iPhone business for better.


I will tell in my next post…


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