Wedding Plans

I don’t find this surprising and obviously Wedding Plans take quite a bit of stress and running around for anyone.

When we prepare for the day, initially nothing much was done. Anyway here when dates are closing in last couple weeks we were actually ridden by this stress course.

Looking for places and people to do the needful seems interesting, quite involving. But for us this means long drives and tired weekends since things happen in three different remote places. We live in Colombo, the wedding will take place in Nuwara Eliya and the home coming is in Kandy. So this preparation is killing our peaceful weekends. I miss my long sleep in the weekend, the Sundown, unwashed clothes, uncleaned house, empty pocket and then ultimately the fresh Monday morning. Meanwhile the lack of exercising bulge my tummy out.

And this all leaves us in somewhat always tired mood.

Hope these days are will soon be over or as one of my friends put it, he says for getting married, ” You’ll see, it’s only the beginning” 🙂 And I wonder will life be the same again?


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