Ceylon Theater hurdles at Majestic Cinama

Hay, kudos for pointing out this very truth. Either in USA or in Sri Lanka, the problem and the solution seem the same. This story is inspired by the post here at PalmAddicts.

This is roughly the same way I do to get things done most of the time. These morons, the bureaucrats and the front desk officers in most of the places hardly help you out or solve any matter on behalf you even though they are paid for to “help” customers out.

So to get done things you have to raise the voice, make the point loud and clear and they may be reach a ranked man.

Two days before I went to the cinema with the girly to watch the hyped “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest” film Ceylon Theater run Majestic Cinema in Colombo. I asked for ODC tickets (Don’t know what it means, but it’s the back middle rows where you can get the best view without breaking your neck), the fellow gave me two without saying anything so we went in. Assuming that they were ODC.

To my surprise the back was all full, except two middle (best view) rows saying “Reserved” .The film was about to begin. I tell the guy inside, I asked for ODC tickets so we should get one of those. Then the fun begin. He was saying that they are “Reserved” (yeah, I can read) and they have a “flat rate”. There’s no ODC all the blah blah and did not allow us to get a seat but directed us to the neck breaking empty front rows. If there is a “Flat Rate” the logic seems there can’t be reservations and we should be able to sit anywhere we want.

No point arguing with the poor guy. I came out, went to a guy who seemed a bit ranked one, raised my voice and told the story asking a reimbursement for our tickets.

Bingo! We were straight away directed to one of the “reserved” best view seats in the middle with no further hassle and we enjoyed the movie in full.


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