Long stupid journey, one fabulous bath…

Over the long weekend this time we went to Kandy and then to the Wasgamuwa National Park in the following day.

Though the Wasgamuwa route was never meant to be through Kandy, for some stupid reason we went thro that long way passage passing Reverston Area and then to Wasgamuwa. The drive was fun thro those beautiful semi savanna mountains though the journey was useless.

See the above, Seeing those four elephants in the distant view was the whole purpose of the day wasted covering nearly 200 Km across. Simply stupid. Since we have mastered the art of taming them and domesticating, elephant is the most seen wild animal in Sri Lanka. In our famous Kandy Perahera you can see them in hundreds. There is no point seen them in the wild at this distant while we can even touch and go on their backs even here in Colombo.

(Sorry for the poor quality photos which were taken from a video footage)

Following day was really worth the journey having found this beautiful rever bank where we spend the whole evening submerged in the cool stream.


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