Dancing where angels fear to tread, and then…

Yesterday was a long day. It remembered me many a things. Good and bad, happy and sad.

To start with my long time friend Asanka had come from UK for a vacation. So we some of our few remaining old Interblocks guys had a nice dinner sharing those good old memories. It was fun. 

The other even I don’t know whether it’s a good or a bad thing. More importantly I’ve got no clue over what I “should feel” about this. I felt numb and emotionless though. I remained silent over listening to a self confession.

It is being said that you forgive for one’s mistakes since it’s only human. I try to do that most of the time, but for the people who “crossed the line I don’t know how should I react other than feeling a little pity.

I knew this day will come that people realize their mistake. Now being nice to came and say sorry. Big deal after taking my good faith for granted. Okay, apology accepted. But there’s no way. Not in heaven, if you treaded where you shouldn’t, no, things wouldn’t be the same again.

The day was done. Lessons were learned. And no, neither I entertain nor they get the lion’s share ever again. Period.


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