Show off and self service at weddings

May be not just because I am but my whole gang of friends is in the verge of this same generation, last 2–3 years I was never short of weddings. It’s like every one I used to know is getting married nowadays.

The last 2004 April- August season for me was being the most busiest I remember having nearly 27 weddings to attend. Where I omitted few but still went for 21 or so. No need to mention the expenses, travelling and the time spend over these, but when a friend, a colleague or a relative getting married and you are invited it seems unfair to miss it.

In every wedding something happens which takes your attention. May be that is why I enjoyed the movie Wedding Crasher.

The last two weddings I attended was being the most bizzar kind out of them all so I thought of keeping this note.

One was held in my home town Kandy, one of my cousin getting married. To begin with she herself called me and while inviting me for the wedding she asked me to bring an (expensive ….. ……)  as a gift. Oh! Boy, where on earth people do call up and ask for the gifts visitors should bring in? Well, this one did. Horrible. That’s anyway sorted out and I attended the wedding.

After the normal rituals like “Pooruwa Ceremony” we spend some fun time when few start singing with the band.

Then came the Thanks Giving and Going away part. Can you imagine, One fellow (suppose to be the organiser) took the mic, you know some wants to get famous, who thinks they are the ones, kept on talking some rubbish that nobody was interested for nearly stupid 45 long minutes almost nearing the time that the couple should leave. And then inviting some more creeps to the stage for more talks, so another moron took another 10 minutes or so like in a political rally.
Funniest thing was when the time (Nekath) came for the couple’s going away and everyone was leaving, this moron came to my Dad and ask to do the Thanks Giving Talk for the bride’s side. It’s a shame to the wedding, insult to my dad, I looked at my Dad’s face, the creep soon knew if he speak another word on this, he getta good kick on his ass from my dad, well, may be from the rest of the crowd, who all listened to his crap for hours. Realising that the creep silently slipped away from the crowd. Morons!

The second happened last night. To begin with we nobody knew why on earth he invited us all since It was one of our gang’s friend’s friend.We all eight people went. It was slightly raining, boy, the hall was jam packed, we are invited but no table for us, we hung around with little uneasiness for a while, no body seems bothered or arranging a table for us, fine, we looked around and luckily the outside garden was spacious and few isolated folding huts and chairs around, we ourselves got arranged a place to sit.

Then waited and waited for someone to serve us with a welcome drink or something. No waiters came in. Organisers seems rushing around but nothing was happening.

We went and try to ask somebody, can you believe this, The whole 200 odd people were served by only two waiters. Still out of his nightmare one guy is missing time to time leaving an only one  to help the whole crowed. Whoa… That was the Mission Impossible 4 for the poor guy.

Fine, again, we ourselves reached the bar and helped our table. Then there were no glasses in the table, we went and asked, Gosh! we were given unwashed dirty glasses that we had to find some means to get them cleaned and washed to help ourselves.

Then the buffet was horrible. Too much salt and having nothing to eat.

Since everyone in our gang was in cool mood, anyway we had fun,  it was like we were arranging our own party in our own place. If any quick tempered man was there he would have smashed the whole wedding for this harassment. We would have never enjoyed it, unless our guys’ usual chit chat and jokes that we never miss when we get together.

So that was the two weddings I never forget out of all I have attended. Surprisingly they happened very recently one after another 🙂


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