In a labyrinth, a right path to choose…

I just wonder that how many point of views may come in handy when you consider a particular matter. Different people have different opinions over the same thing. Diversity is a good thing.


When I do consider a decision I always try to go for the logic at my best though not quite possible sometimes. Most generally okay with those but when it come to pleasing the parents I find it very difficult to attain. Sure enough, they always hope the best for their children but what if their thinking is unparallel with ours? If you are in the same situation, come join the club.

For many things in life, until such day comes, proven. I can’t say what is right, what is wrong. So I generally try to follow my gut feeling. But if that means going against their will, what can I do?

I feel helpless and clueless nor that I can draw a white line between what is right and wrong over unpredictable things. I just try to follow my senses. If life is a stream, I try to let it flow on… So wish me good luck on this.

Luckily parents aside, friends do understand these most of the time. No I do not belong or intend to be on camps but hope everyone is in the same when it matters at the end. 🙂


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