Wow..! Leave your iPods in the dust – mPod for Treo

This is absolutely been worth all of waiting after I got addicted to the beloved iPod. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting my Treo to become after consumed by the iPod experience. An iPod like UI for the Treo Music Library.

Carrying my Treo with PocketTunes music library did never make me as happy as I am dangling my iPod around my neck. Simply because iPod’s far superior music playing interface and the Apple iTunes connectivity.

First things first, I don’t want this tiny software developer die soon when mammoth Apple finds out this and will file a case on them for iPod interface infringement if Apple has patented (?) it already. So you better keep your lawyers ready.

For the moment I am the happiest dude on the planet 🙂 Wow! It’s just like playing with the iPod.

Though still in beta, more or less mPod is feature complete. Few additions I would like to ask form the developer are:

1. A some sort of EQ menu as on iPods
2. A port (desktop conduit) so USB connected SD cards will behave like iPods to my iTunes library.
2. It’s nice if we can adjust the height of the menu and font sizes/ types, taller for fat fingers and smaller for more of a song list.
3. Can we make the menus click-able by the styles and use the click wheel at the same moment?
4. Why tips open up from the browser, make it open like the notes on the iPods.
6. Of cos the playability of other music formats than MP3

And a thousand kudos for the star developer, MotionApps for this wonderful piece of work!

Updated: Well, with the first public release they have change the name to mOcean insted of mPod and added the iTunes sync support as I have asked it for, cool.


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