When coyotes get lions’ coat

It is sad to see when some people who has been friends get into a wrong foot. Stand on their tales over things those are irrelevant or none of their business. Do change their colours upon interests and going on some unfriendly direction that nobody else but they themselves have to help.

I had an incident that made me to rethink who’s one’s true friends. Force to look into the logic and eject myself. Everything done was fine, life is an ongoing process. A stream that has to flow thro it’s ups and downs. In this case, “Friends in need indeed has to be reliable” when in need, informative, advice-able, helpful but not shout, bout and spread filthy.

So I would say to those who doesn’t know their stake or where they hold ground, go ahead, do it. You will only take those to your graves. It’s your move.


These so called, well respected friends, want their voice heard for all the unnecessary reasons, for things those irrelevant to them, want to intervene, force enter, shout and in the process make things go wrong for everybody, and then pick up the phone and spread the grapevine, untruth, filth, hatred and nonsense trying to save their line on the other end. They act like gone crazy. Dares to reach friends, relatives and even the parents with nonsense.

I hate people who do that. No you don’t stand a chance in friends laurels if one does that.

What’s its all worth at the end? A lost friendship? Are you happy now?

I watched these in silence. I’ve seen enough and probably have learned my lessons well. Can place things at rest. What some can’t figure out was, rolling stone gathers no moss. Period.


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