The Best Part of the Treo Keyboard – CoLauncher

As the best part of the industrial design of Palm’s Treo 650 it has the best full function keyboard for a mobile. SMS is a snap. No more T9. So I have been totally addicted to this keyboard’s easy of use.

I’ve got more over hundred Palm apps on my Treo and it made me to find an easy way to launch say the app X with the minimum effort. I new if I can assign apps for various keys on the keyboard this can easily be achieved. After few days of search I guess I found the the best companion to the Treo Keyboard. CoLauncher. It can be found here.


This is by far the best Key Launcher for Treo. Works likes a charm. Forget about the Favourite button assignments on Treo which only can be activated while you are on the Phone application. The best part of the fun comes when you can configure Colauncher to use Treo’s Option+(any key) and Shift+(Any Key) combinations apart from the A-Z keys. This makes CoLancher can launch (or other function assigned) separate apps for Capitol (A) simple (a) and 1–9 number combinations.



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