I’ve gotta Apple finger print magnet!

When I first reviewed the articles about Apple’s new gimmick iPod Nano here, I was truly impressed about the device and thinking of getting one later I said no to Nano seeing the articles.

It’s truely a finger print magnet! Scratches all around with two days of use. The problems still remains and Apple stays unspoken about it.

Nonetheless here I am now having this super slim beauty in my hand. This time I got it as a gift for some of the freelance work I did for one of my friend. I couldn’t possibly put a price since he’s my friend and I loved my work. Guess what? All of a sudden this landed on my doorstep as an application to my work. Nice. Thank you!

The Nano is remarkably thin an engineering feat but it is unfortunately for some Apple only knows reason poorly wrapped by a cheap casing. It’s too shiny, scratchable and glossy. I guess this has passed the production lines while Apple designers and usability testers were on vacation. 

Nano Scrach

Whatever I adore this came as a unforgettable gift and I will enjoy it in every means. Very nice welcome addition to my gadgets list and the music taste. iPod now does pictures too! 

Thank you very much and it’s very sweet of you sending this to me!


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