The Jewel of the crown.

FORTUNE magazine says Treo is still by far the best converged mobile on the earth even after a year and half elapsed since its debut. 

I know it best since I carry one in my hand.

It’s a PDA, Phone, MP3 Player, Browser, Podcast streamer, GamePad, Alarm Clock and (TV tuner If you are in the US) plus a software power house that can do pretty much the same things I normally get done on my Windows desktop.

And now welcome the same embedded Treo 700w with true Windows Mobile® OS and soon the upcoming Treo 800p with Palm OS. I am sure with these additions Treo will still be the best trend setter technology for years to come.

Call it the Golden Age of Convergence. No wonder I am so happy to be a Treonaut at this very minute.


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