A trip to Anuradhapura kept me occupied over the weekend. This time we missed our usual gang by three members though, we had our times together for a long time to remember. Enjoy the few pics I took long our way.

It was all new different landscape this time than I previously remember. The torrential rain had virtually turn the semi-savanna lands into lush green meadows and swamps.

The Mihinthala view was astounding. The air was so clear.

Locals say all the tanks and reservoirs were full upto this level after five long years.

Everyone was having their feast.

Usual back-lit Ruwanweli Seya with it’s former glory.

And finally my guys really had trouble with keeping the Mihinthala Rock in place.


One thought on “Anuradhapura

  1. hai Chan, found ur blog from gsmarena web. Nice pics! hardwork with the stone, hehe. where’s anuradhapura by the way? sorry, i hv bad geographical skil ;p

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