When the stars spell out your name…

We have born somewhere in this universe, in a frozen moment of time and Astrology says the moment can say everything about you.

Sounds wierd but remarkable. Truly I don’t know how is this energies of the universe which science hasn’t fully explored or discovered yet jot down the itinerary of your life literally at the time of your birth. The past and the future and the present. Heavy stuff.


I haven’t given it a much thought though what do you think when these stars spell out your name?

I have had seen more than one occasion that proved me the astrology can be true. I do not know the science, the logic or the possibility behind this. But it seems a logical, pure sceince and math game which gives the resemblances of your profile, past present and the future, sometimes with precise details.

Given that you catch a Astrologer whos is genuine and knows the subject inside out. Sadly those are an endangered species. So my friend says, Astrology is like a torch, you don’t have to follow it, but if you are going in the dark, isn’t it better to have a light so you can see the road ahead a little more clearer? Well I guess he has a point. It sure is

Casually put how on earth you feel when you raise your finger tip up in the air those many a thousand cellular waves, TV/ satellite channels or radio signals go across your finger without making any sense to you. So what I figured was these energies are there for sure but unless you have the right senses (trained minds) you can never tune into these superficial senses. It is there only to be sense by a forth, fifth or sixth or some other diamention which we cannot have.

The Buddha’s teaching says if you train your brain to be enlighten or “Rahath” “Maarga Pala” may be one day, you could see it all. The senses which normal humans do not possess. Then you’ll start to see the energies of the universe, how they travel distances and how it controls/ effects the matter.

May be Buddhism has all the answers, science over the time may reveal some but as the human kind we will never be omniscient to know it all during our existence.


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