Be wowed! Treo, Bluetooth/ TCP-IP and Sailing Clicker Connection

I always seem to be get impressed by the capabilities of the Treo Smartphone.

This time it is a when I see the possibility of using it as a bluetooth remote controller for my desktop PC. The set up is simply flawless. Make the bluetooth connection, install the Sailing Clicker Desktop and the Treo clients and you are well set to go.

See how this full blown iTunes desktop interface can be brought into Treo screen, Controlling iTunes remotely within the radius of the bluetooth connection.

Controlling media players like iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player is a snap with the ready made scripts that comes with the software. Browsing my iTunes library with nearly 3000 songs, select, play, pause songs and control volume all can be done through the easy iPod like interface which runs on your Treo when connected. It’s more or less sort of a Remote Desktop experience.

Or you can control the mouse pointer taking the full control of your desktop PC form a comfortable sofa to run a movie, or in a office environment a PowerPoint presentation.

Wow! I can’t keep from imagining what’s next to come, surely the desktop interface can be brought on to Treo screen in the next incarnation. Wonderful thing is the Treo and the PC can be paired either through bluetooth or TCP/IP over GPRS or EDGE connection which I didn’t try though.


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