Fully loaded but still manageable Scooty

This is what I love about my Scooty. Convenient, faster and cheaper than any other commuter system within the city limits. In traffic it saves hours.

Yesterday there was a trade fair @ BMICH and I happened to bump in to have a look what’s in there. For my surprise there had been couple of items I’ve been eying for sometime but wasn’t being able to locate in local shops.

Namely an affordable hand vacuum a mixer and a few other items. So I brought them all (it seemed a bargain) without having the second thought of how I am gonna carry them home. I came to the fair on my Scooty and I wasn’t immediately so sure whether I can take them all at once. Boy, there was no place to leave them either once I brought them.

So I packed them into three big shopping bags and came out. For my surprise when I reached the Scooty I was able to easily tack them all in the middle of the Scooty’s foot resting area leaving enough space to rest the foot too, without keeping them awkwardly on second passenger’s side bars and drive.

Bingo! In minutes I was all set to ride on in the heavy trafficked after office hours and came home safely. It took nearly half an hour to get them and come home will otherwise would have taken two hours if I took the van. Cool!


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