It’s done. Adobe wins. We creative guys may lose.

Too bad. It’s a sort of a sad day. For better or worse my most respected, dearest software firm on earth Macromedia Inc, is no more.

Adobe has engulped my bread and butter software maker Macromedia and now it solely goess as Adobe a single entity. What does this mean to the people like me who depends on their software. Various thoughts hover on my mind and basically on far with what this guy talks about. For me it looks odd to call my favourite software like Macromedia Suite with Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, now with Adobe name in front. Sounds Weird.

I guess this means,

  • Less Innovation in creative software making since no competition
  • Price Hikes at will
  • Cosmetic Point Releases Disguised as Upgrades
  • Killing Off Of Any Software That Doesn’t Fit Into Adobe’s Narrow Vision
  • More Bloated Software Trying To Be Something for Everyone

We will wait and see. Read more here:Adobe wins.


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