Caged in Dehiwala Zoo

I just don’t know how exactly it feels if we are to caged in eternally. I am sure it ain’t any good even though you are well fed and taken care of. Anyway that’s how these wonderful creatures from the wild are packed into a small area at Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo suburbs.

We visited the zoo for the weekend. Sometimes felt little sad though regardless I enjoyed the journey with my lovely company.

Hippos up and close, where else on earth I can touch these magnificent ones by my own hands?

Sorry, penguins you don’t get any ice here

Even we humans sometimes felt caged-in with the flowing crowd

Sorry, no fishing or fly-away home here for you sea eagles

At least small aquariumed fish had some freedom to wonder around

Bigger ones had no such space

I hear one lion maintains 30 km kingdom in the wild, sadly these folks don’t even have mere 30 meters

For this colourful there’s no trouble at all finding their delicious on time

Glorious horny males in the wild, big or small still you have your fences and senses surrounded

These are few shots I’ve taken from my lousiest phone-camera. Nonetheless we had our times and enjoyed the wild tour. Enjoy!


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