Namunukula Tonacombe Circuit Bungalow

The weekend was fabulous.

Our gang went on a trip to Namunukula for the weekend and stayed in one of the Hill Country Tea Estate Circuits called Tonacombe which was built in somewhere 1800 AD.

Tonacombe Bungalow
The dusk was colourful

And when you look down the from the garden we saw heaven below.

This is one of the most beautiful Estate Bungalows I have ever seen surrounded by so much of nature. The Muttu and the staff feed us with heavenly food to make sure this is actually the heaven.

The morning was serene

Our gang virtually sang all the songs we knew for the night. And spend the following morning in the lawn playing each other and a little bit of cricket until the continuous torrential rain stormed the area. Got soaked wet in the rain despite of the chilling water and gusting wind coming from the mountains.

It was like a dream. We everybody wants to stay in there eternally.


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