I have a dream…

Theory One – I am the centre of my universe.
I have a system, a well layed out one, a network of people, in the same level of mine, a network of relationships, friends, people I gathered all of my life. It’s simple, mostly pool proofed, shielded, prooven over the time. So no there is hardly any noice, miss communication and I am comfortable with the setting. Looks like the following digram when I picture it.

Since this system is settled to x number of people, made out of my people and I am sort of being in the centre of that universe. Each and every individual in the system have their own universe, may be in a different level. We all do.

So question # one – How would you introduce another planet to the system?

Simple, shuffle around the existing and you make place for another in between, in the same level, so no one feels odd, offended or crowded. Interactions the same. So the system co-exists, no problem. Like bellow. Sounds cool.

Question # two – How would you introduce a new to a different level, undisturbed?

This is little tricky, and involves most careful thinking and sometimes sends a dejavu within the system. (I remember The Matrix, the movie) Soon after system re-acts, sends across turbulance, too much noice, becomes unbalanced which is mostly not worth the hassle sometimes.

I have tried this recently but without much of a success. Like below. Connections become weaker, lot of noice occur.

Question # three – So what can be done about this, best practises, if there’s any?

What I have missed, have I done it wrong? How come? When I looked at it, analyzed. I see I myself is not the problem but the system itself.

I guess I see where the problem lies. If I was going to join it next to me, not in between the system and me, choose a level up or down like the digram two, in theory there shouldn’t be any problems.

Anyone should understand that “Nobody is replacing anybody”. The new entry has it’s own system, own level and can be in the centre of it just like me. All can co-exists with the newly added connections. But I needed serious interconnection so I let the new entry and the system to place themselves where they are comfortable, in between the system and me, not really in the centre though. My fault. The result was too mach noice. Chaos.
So what I am saying here finally ?

I learned a good lesson. If I am the centre of the universe, I should be the one to place the new entry somewhere, most likely right next to me, and only if that succeeds, should allow the other links. So until such time comes I should take the noice and reflect only what is needed rather than they themselves hear it. Anyone?


One thought on “I have a dream…

  1. Heyyy….!
    Where u gonna put ME???
    Who I am?
    Am I really a kitten?
    YOu haven’t seen me yet?
    If you have seen me you might call me _______ Guess?

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