Haircut and negligence

I realized sometimes we pay very little or no attention at all to certain things we get done on regular basis.

For me taking a haircut is a such thing. Yeasterday evening I walked up to the saloon I’ve been going for the last ex-number of years. The fellow (barber) who runs the place wasn’t there, the place was opened at large. So unlike other times I had time to look around until he comes. And I wondered how come I haven’t noticed this before.


He’s really gotta nice small place, in the 2nd floor of the Nugegoda Super Market building overlooking Old Kesbewa Road enterance to Nugegoda town. When I acknowledged it he said he’s gonna put up a name board outside the wall so people can see it from down.


Then suddenly I realised I’ve been going there for years, but I stilI don’t even know the saloon’s name, not even the guy’s name,

When I think of it I felt little ashamed of myself. Life’s just like that sometimes, you don’t see the very parts of it for negligence. Too bad.


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